Disney Has Ron D. Moore Developing A Magic Kingdom TV Franchise | TV Series

Disney Has Ron D. Moore Developing A Magic Kingdom TV Franchise | TV Series

Disney, especially now with its Disney+ streaming, is always looking for ways to build out its various movies and TV series, such as the Star Wars shows that are headed our way. Under his new deal with the company, Battlestar Galactica and Outlander writer/show-runner Ron D. Moore is developing a series about the Magic Kingdom that all involved are hoping will launch a franchise on the small screen.

Moore, who currently has For All Mankind on Apple TV+, will start with a show called The Society Of Explorers And Adventurers, positing a different reality where the different lands and characters of the Disney parks (such as Frontierland or the Jungle Cruise) exist for real. It’s still early days for the first show, but if it makes it to the screen and is a success, the plan is to have other linked series spun off from that. It’s a big leap for Moore, who has been a Disney fan all his life and, according to The Hollywood Reporter, opted to take a less lucrative deal with the company so he might access to its characters and stories.

Before that, Moore is kicking off Swiss Family Robinson working alongside Jon M. Chu. The TV creator is also hoping that he’ll get a shot at a Star Wars series down the line, having worked with George Lucas on the latter’s planned, ambitious but never made live-action Wars series.

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