Best alternatives to Squarespace in 2021

Best alternatives to Squarespace in 2021

For anyone who is inexperienced, creating a website seems more like putting together a string of codes and programs that require advanced knowledge than the process of virtually putting together Lego blocks that fit perfectly.

Squarespace provides a platform where users with little to no HTML, coding, or web design knowledge create a website from scratch. It is well known for its drag-and-drop functionality that lets the user customize the website’s appearance and functionalities with so much ease. That’s a combination of convenience and aesthetics you can give your own site. 

With millions of websites now turning to the biggest names in website builders Squarespace included, it is fortunate that alternatives can be found, quite easily if we might add, to take the place of Squarespace in the event that it is not available, feels a little overwhelming with all the advanced functionalities, or you’re just in need of something that’s more advanced. Here are our top five Squarespace alternatives.

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1. Wix

The most powerful website builder

Reasons to buy

+Huge collection of templates+Easy drag-and-drop editor+Responsive design

Reasons to avoid

Sites are non-transferfable

Wix may just be the next best thing to Squarespace, but it’s had its fair share of critics as well. Regardless, it still makes it past all the other alternatives – with flying colors – because of its awesome design features that make website creation a whole lot easier and intuitive. At the end of the day, it’s having a stunning website to greet your customers with that’s a priority. And Wix better understands that.

Wix is free and makes website creation surprisingly easy and will not require advanced coding skills. Your site will also be hosted by Wix itself, making the process even smoother and more effective since Wix’s hosting platform is among the fastest in the market. With Wix, you can easily create a functional professional-looking website and choose from a massive stockpile of stunning themes. 

Getting stuck at any of the steps in building your website is sometimes inevitable, but with Wix’s 24/7 support, that won’t be a problem. Wix will give you not just a stunning website but also a domain (for premium plans), a lightning-fast hosting service, storage, and even Google Analytics in premium plans. There’s a drawback if you opt for the basic or starter plan, which is having to put up with their ads, not to mention an incredibly long domain name. If that doesn’t bother you, you’re all set. If it does, there’s always the premium plan. 


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Best open-source Content Management System

Reasons to buy

+Free+Massive customization options+Easy to use

Reasons to avoid

No automated backupsHosting management requires technical skills is not to be confused with which is a web hosting service, is one of the most popular website builders that powers more than 60 million websites across the globe. That equates to 37% of the websites we have today. 

Offering endless possibilities in customization, is often most preferred when it comes to website design and creation. Though stacking costs due to separately billed app integrations is a fairly common scenario, remains one of the most powerful website creation solutions in the world. 

If you’re after full control of your site and the ability to scale your website to its maximum potential, WordPress is your best option. Any extras may be charged, i.e., plug ins, apps, etc., but the platform is free to use. It’s perfect if you think your website will require tons of features other than the basic ones, and if you’re planning to build a generally larger site with more specific features to make your viewer’s experience more seamless and intuitive. Any extra charges are likely worth every penny, so if you don’t mind shelling out cash every now and then, you can generally have a powerful and professional website in no time. 


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3. Weebly

Start something awesome

Reasons to buy

+Guaranteed optimized website speed+Tons of free templates+Easy to use

Reasons to avoid

Difficult to add advanced marketing tools

Weebly caters to eCommerce websites, and thus offers tons of tools targeted towards online stores. Weebly overpowers Squarespace in that it has a significantly higher search volume. It is also an awesome website builder that offers competitive pricing, flexible designs and tons of templates that are free to use, and optimized hosting speed and 99.98% uptime to ensure any website is as competitive in the market as it should be. 

Unlike Squarespace, creating a website with Weebly is easier and more intuitive in that clicking on any element and dropping it anywhere on the site is completely possible. Aside from Weebly’s great reputation in uptime, site speed, flexibility, and intuitive, easy to use web design platform, the service is also known for their various eCommerce tools. If you’re setting up a website that will serve as your platform for your online business, Weebly should be at the top of your list. 

Weebly is one of the most popular drag and drop website builders because their easy to use website builder allows for maximum flexibility, a great user experience and competitive pricing. Weebly is also known for its remarkable uptime and site speed and an awesome editing environment for the novice and website expert alike. 


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4. Zyro

Best platform for novice website creators

Reasons to buy

+Easy to use platform+Free account available+Pre-built templates for novice website builders

Reasons to avoid

Some features are limitedComplex domain transfer

Zyro is by far the least popular alternative for Squarespace, but that doesn’t necessarily make it a bad one. In fact, it’s not so bad at all, considering a user can create and use a free account for any amount of time they might need. Entrepreneurs who are new to the website building world aiming for the online presence they need can turn to Zyro to test the waters.

With tons of additional tools available for use, Zyro makes sure even the free accounts get all the help they need. That’s on top of dozens of pre-built templates that can be basic or advanced, depending on your needs. These pre-built templates are both beautiful and professional-looking and are also best for eCommerce websites needing to showcase their products. Zyro’s free plan comes with 500MB of bandwidth and 500MB of storage, while their basic and most affordable plan can go up a notch with 3GB bandwidth and 1GB storage- both more than enough for any start-up business. 

Overall, Zyro is a great Squarespace alternative because of how it caters to start-up businesses that may not be too comfortable spending on a website yet, but are eager to try. Their template library keeps them in the list, and any of the sites built in Zyro include SSL coverage for protection. It’s much easier to use than any other website builders. 


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5. Homestead

Build a website in three steps

Reasons to buy

+Intuitive design+Easy to use+Detailed reports

Reasons to avoid

Low storage limit (free plan)Annual price increase

Homestead may very well be considered an underdog in this list, coming in last but definitely not least. Their website support is superior, providing both live chat and phone support when you find yourself stuck on something, but that’s just icing on the cake. 

Homestead can make creating a website from scratch so much easier with its editor’s user interface user-friendly. Any HTML or coding experience is not necessary, which makes it perfect even for novice web builders. Every template made available is easily customizable, and changing any element is possible. As you create your website on your desktop or laptop, Homestead ensures a mobile site is also set up for you. One of the many strengths of Homestead is the offline editor that lets you continue building your website even without an Internet connection.

SEO tools are also readily available with Homestead, providing various helpful tools and resources to help you look into SEO as you build your website. Homestead also provides free hosting in each of their plans. Website migration, however, is not possible whether to or from Homestead. Despite a few drawbacks, Homestead is still a top choice given their performance, support, and user-friendly website building platform. 

A final word

What we see is a powerful website with all the essential functionalities, stunning aesthetics and ease of navigation. What website builders see are long hours of website creation adding element after element to make all these possible. Having easy to use platforms that let us create websites from scratch is a wonderful thing, giving every entrepreneur a chance at the necessary online presence to reach the world. 

Whether you’re building your site in full confidence or have absolutely no idea where to start, the freedom to personalize your site makes it easier for you to create a name for your brand, and a good platform to showcase your designs, products, ideas, etc. in a stunning website whose elements have been carefully selected and created by you.  

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