Mastering the Art of Sharenting

Mastering the Art of Sharenting


To all those who are not aware, Sharenting is the use of social media by parents to share content based on their children, such as baby pictures or details of their children’s activities. This is the new business model that’s quite a trend these days with parents sharing their everyday life surrounded by thousands of trending products with viewers and followers.

A parenting expert as Instagram calls them or the trending mom influencer title – is actually given to those folks who have a significant number of followers and holds the capability to emotionally drive the purchasing power of any potential buyer on the other side of the screen.

Sounds new? Well, let me give you a wider picture.

Why Sharenting is Becoming Popular?

“Sharents” have been discussing their daily life, vacations, family recreations, picture-perfect family outings, and other experiences on their personal Instagram handle and they are absolutely not missing anything in it. They use their site as a daily journal. By creating content for every related subject; the parenting bloggers create traffic-driving hundreds and thousands of unique followers to their page almost on a daily basis.

Interestingly, a good mommy blogger on Instagram can make somewhere between $1,000 to $10,000 per month depending on how much content you put into your page. Some renowned ones who are in the business for a few years now have a big number of followers and do make over $40,000 per month.

Thus, for many parents sharing pictures of kids and themselves has become their bread and butter.

The Outer Shell of “Sharenting”

The parenting bloggers on Instagram have been writing their experiences tweaking the lines from famous parenting write-ups already existing on the internet. They tend to share lines in their profiles with a hint of their personal things in the content. Plagiarism and other writing guidelines are absolutely not followed on Instagram because the entire concentration is on the look and feel of the profile.

The dominant group of parenting blogging is “sharents”. They act as models and actors for the marketing product. Most of the mothers have become a real-life model in their homes. Their homes have become sets and co-actors are family members and friends. The products are infinite from daily use toothpaste to laundry detergent in the name of “kids friendly zone”. It’s basically buying and selling – anything to everything from anywhere to anyone.

Many times the influencers even tend to hire professional account managers who manage things like makeup, styling, editing, video shooting, costume selection, set designing – in short, all that an advertisement industry would need for content creation and promotion.

The Business Dynamics of “Sharenting”

With parenting bloggers, the brands don’t really need to do the typical corporate protocols. The agreements and other formal paperwork have set formats. Mom bloggers usually have a predefined rate for specific campaigns or any sponsored post. Which in turn becomes a good time saver and resource saver for big corporates.

Even from the business’ side, it’s a good deal to get engaged with a committed brand of parenting bloggers. For them, the parenting bloggers are editors, influencers, and entrepreneurs — coming together in a single package. To cut a deal with them is much easier than to make an agreement with another company.

Even for the daily audience — after decades of seeing depressed moms and depressed dads. because of household chores in routine commercial advertisements, the new side of online Instagram mommies and daddies is a refreshing change. Watching parents having fun online, breaking social stigmas, and looking happy with the family has also been one of the triggers to mom influencer and parenting influencer inspired Instagram marketing.

These influencers because of their popularity are associated with big brands such as Volkswagen in the automobile industry, with luxury brands such as Dior, with best class hoteliers, premium boutiques, and many others.

Let’s See How Instagram Algorithms Works

Since many of us are writers here, we are unaware of the follow-unfollow game on Instagram. For me, during the early days, Instagram was just a photograph collection platform. Things started evolving and I learned behind the high-quality pictures lies a deep algorithmic world making Instagram the biggest marketing platform for big international brands and local brands.

  • The simplest rule is – the more content you post the higher your rank is! The content can be in the form of stories or reels or posts or IGTVs, boomerangs, Hyperlapse, and what not – the more the content, the more the outreach and the higher will be your position in the trending list.
  • Now in the content, there are some posts that would last only for 24 hours on your favorite influencer’s screen. From potty training given to toddlers, to influencer parents doing drink and drive – I have seen it all. That is why I said, everything is content now.
  • Another interesting thing is the following loops between influencers that work to gain more number of followers from across the world.
  • In short, your content is open to the public and the outreach has no limits. I may or may not be a mom blogger necessarily to watch breastfeeding kids videos on mama’s lap! I can be a pervert just doing a time pass through their profile. But who cares, because normalizing breastfeeding is bigger than personal security!!


To add further, there are fancy giveaways associated where influencers join hands together to gain more followers and increase their visibility on the social media platform. Specific Content is asked to be shared more and more on each other’s wall so that more outreach can be done!

This Is How You Become a Popular Instagrammer

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Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

More engagement, more followers, more visibility and more hits! Sounds simple?

Surviving Competition Amongst Mom Influencers

Believe it or not, but there is fierce competition in this field. Since moms are among the most prolific bloggers online – a big share of online advertising and media outreach is actually managed by them. Parenting blogs are hugely popular and are now considered one of the most profitable online businesses. There are even awards ceremonies held for recognition of the great work done by them in the blogging world and some renowned ones are recognized even as the global influencers.

But in this everlasting race of trying to post more and more content, there comes a saturation.

I am a mom and my Instagram is bombarded with mommy bloggers and their content every hour. I followed them initially a few years back because it was good to relate everyday stuff but what’s going on now has actually forced me to unfollow all of them. Sharing every small detail of their lives was keeping me away from real knowledgeable content from some really inspiring content creators.

I am sorry but now I am really not interested in taking a sneak peek into their personal lives. Earlier I had followed a content creator, but now it’s all different because as for today, I am absolutely in no mood to follow an addicted “Sharent” at all.

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