Fun Friday: The most brilliant LinkedIn profiles

Fun Friday: The most brilliant LinkedIn profiles

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1) I like to blow s**t up. I am the Michael Bay of business

An accurate, if not explosive, way to describe what business consultant Cindy Gallop does for a living. With more than 69,000 followers on LinkedIn, she’s definitely a force to reckon with.

2) Head honcho, headhunter, sometimes head-shrinker

Yes, being the boss means – if you need the right talent to join your team – you’ve gotta be ready to roll up your sleeves, take charge, and handle recruitment yourself.

3) The Jay-Z of Marketing

They didn’t call Jay-Z a music icon for nothing. When your marketing skills flow, who better to compare your skills with than J-Hova himself? After all, it’s all in your “state of mind”.

4) Cut me and I bleed content

Sometimes, a one-liner is all it takes to convince people of your creative genius – and Chris Pash, editor of AdNews Australia, is serving it.

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