Tooter Is a ‘Swadeshi’ Micro-Blogging Platform Created for Free Speech & Modelled After Twitter

Tooter Is a ‘Swadeshi’ Micro-Blogging Platform Created for Free Speech & Modelled After Twitter

Made in India products and services these days seem to be coming up, in order to provide a local alternative for all the western products and services that Indians tend to use. Tooter, a ‘swadeshi’ alternative to Twitter now seems to be gaining traction amid the ‘vocal for local’ push within the country. Tooter is modeled after Twitter itself and has a white and blue coloured interface. The platform, according to those who have used it, is somewhat like a cross-over between Facebook and Twitter. Even the app icon is similar to Twitter, and uses a Conch Shell (Shank) instead of a bird on a blue background.

Tooter follows that same mechanics as Twitter, where a user creates an account with an @username and an email address. After signing up, users can follow other accounts, read through a feed, and customise groups and lists. Even the posts are being called “Toots,” similar to ‘Tweets’ on Twitter. The Tooter app is available only for Android and the web, not for iOS devices as of now. Tooter was created in June this year and has appears to have a number of prominent users including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, Amitabh Bachchan, and Virat Kohli among others. It is not certain if these people have actually set up their accounts for Tooter, as a report in LiveMint notes that Tooter may be sourcing its content directly from Twitter.

In its Terms of Service, Tooter has said that it has been created for ‘free speech’. It says that Tooter will make the best efforts to ensure that all content moderation decisions and enforcement of terms of service “does not punish users for exercising they god-given right to speak freely.”

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