Hundreds of Indonesian workers attend online business workshop

Hundreds of Indonesian workers attend online business workshop

Taipei, Nov. 22 (CNA) Over 200 Indonesian migrant workers gathered in Taipei on Sunday to learn more about how to open online businesses and have a way to support themselves when they return home, according to the organizers.

The workers, mostly caregivers and factory workers, attended a workshop at the GIS Taipei Tech Convention Center at which Arif Sulistiyo, director of trade at the Indonesian Economic and Trade Office to Taipei, gave a presentation on starting an online shop.

The 38-year-old Arif guided the workers though the preparations involved, such as getting a business license and figuring out how income tax should be calculated.

“E-commerce training for migrant workers is very important because it fosters an entrepreneurial mentality. Hopefully, they will not have to be migrant workers forever,” Arif said.

He also praised Taiwan as a very advanced country with great technology that facilitates e-commerce.

“While in Taiwan, Indonesian migrant workers must learn about technological advances and Taiwan’s e-commerce system,” he said.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still ravaging the world, online sales are increasing, creating potential business opportunities for returning Indonesian migrant workers.

Tony Thamsir, senior coordinator of the Foreign Languages Department of Radio Taiwan International, made a separate presentation on how to do business though social media.

The topic was important for Indonesian workers, because social media has played an important role as a platform for people to connect to each other, the 44-year-old Tony said.

“Especially during COVID-19, many people in Indonesia started to use applications to run their business,” he said.

Siti Sulaikah, 44, a caregiver from East Java who has been in Taiwan for 12 years, said she found the seminar helpful for people like her because she has always had to return to Taiwan to work after leaving when her work contract expires.

She is hoping to use the information offered to start her own business the next time she returns to Indonesia, said Siti, who is married with two children aged 14 and 24.

“Every presentation was beneficial for Indonesian migrant workers as we realize we have the potential to start our own business in Indonesia,” she said.

The event organizer M. Zaky Faishal, Taiwan representative of Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI), an Indonesian state-owned bank, said he encouraged Indonesian migrant workers to prepare and save up so that they will have the capital to start their online business in Indonesia.

BNI holds workshops and seminars for Indonesian migrant workers in Taiwan annually.

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