GUEST BLOG: David Tank – Referendum shows huge support for cannabis reform

GUEST BLOG: David Tank – Referendum shows huge support for cannabis reform

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Whether the weed referendum passes on Specials or not the gap will close making Andrew Little’s assertion that the country is not ready for cannabis reform when the vote is almost 50/50 a truly laughable proposition.

Consider too that the no campaign was run like the ‘Brexit’ Yes campaign most ‘no’ votes were a result of extensive advertising and promotion using false data and ‘alternative’ facts. The last three months, my newsfeeds were inundated with paid-for posts claiming long debunked ‘facts’ and base-less fear mongering. 

Our parliament has a responsibility to legislate for the good of all New Zealander’s and it is obvious to those informed of the facts that the status quo is not in the public interest. Leaving cannabis management in the hands of organised crime is frankly unconscionable.

So even if the referendum fails to win an outright majority it is beholden to our Parliament to do the right thing and put the bill to a conscience vote. A vote I would be picking that would be won very easily.

All it should take (in a perfect world) for near unanimity in the house is to apply the exact same science-based approach used to eliminate Covid. If all MP’s were to do just that the Cannabis Control Bill would pass in a heartbeat. 

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So Mr Little should not be allowed to blithely consign this important legislative reform to the dust bin of history but rather he should have his and the rest of the Labour leaderships feet held to the fire until they agree to put the matter to a vote.

Which brings us to the Greens membership who have this weekend a window of opportunity in applying some heat by refusing to ratify a supply and confidence deal with Labour unless a vote is agreed to in the house.

Frankly, it’s hardly something Labour needs to die in a ditch over. For Labour to refuse such a request would I think engender a huge backlash from its own supporters who are in the main supportive of the proposed legislation.

And as has been pointed out, allowing 51 percent of the country to criminalise 49 percent of the country is a patent absurdity. The support level is too high to be ignored, cannabis law in New Zealand needs to change.

So write, call, protest if you must but make sure our currently triumphant new government gets the message. You dance with the ones that brung you… this law needs to pass. 


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