Coronavirus Australia live news: United States records more than 91,248 new COVID-19 cases in single day

Coronavirus Australia live news: United States records more than 91,248 new COVID-19 cases in single day

The United States has reported a record 91,248 new coronavirus cases in a single day and 1,055 deaths, its largest daily increase, according to the CDC

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By Simon Smale

More details on today’s single case in Victoria


Victoria’s CHO, Professor Sutton, has tweeted some information about today’s sole case.


“Today’s single case is a low positive and in isolation. Result will go through expert panel review today,” he said.


By Simon Smale

What if you don’t have a smart phone for the QR code?


Being an old buzzard I don’t have a smartphone. Does this mean I can’t go to a cafe or restaurant etc. because I can’t scan on the way in?



Hi, OldBuzzard


Nothing wrong with not joining the cult of the smart phone…


First things first, the vast majority of Australians do have a smart phone. A Deloitte survey in 2019 put smartphone penetration at 91 per cent.


But, of course, that’s not 100 per cent so businesses have to cater for those who do not have a smart phone and that is with the old fashioned pen and paper.


Up here in Queensland, I’ve seen both used in tandem.




You could also check out these stories with a more local angle:


By Simon Smale

One case in Victoria


Great news only one case today in Victoria. Will Martin Foley front the media in a North Face jacket?

-Stay safe Melbourne


There’s not been this much scrutiny over what people will be wearing in Melbourne since last year’s Brownlow…  


We’ll have to wait on Martin Foley’s attire for the day, but let’s not rule anything out.




By Simon Smale

Unconfirmed reports…


Martin Foley has been seen waiting for the shopping center doors to open so he can get a North face jacket before todays presser

-Foley Sighting


I, for one, would not be upset if he walked out decked out like he’s raided the local op shop for the most outlandish coat he could find, just for giggles.


He might only get one shot, so why not go all out and make a statement.


By Simon Smale

Swimming questions


Morning! I noted the opening of Melbourne’s indoor pools was planned for after Sunday, 8 November (subject to maximum of 20 patrons or density quotient). Is there any information regarding whether this only applies to commercial pools or if pools for residential apartment complexes can open at that time too? Thanks 🙂

-Water Baby


Hi, Water Baby


Currently, swimming pools in apartment complexes or shared residential properties are closed under Third Step restrictions.


I can’t find any rulings on when this will change I am afraid.


The alternative, of course, is to swim in the sea…


Yesterday I swam in the bay with 9 of my friends. Such a simple thing gave me so much joy.



By Simon Smale

As a parkrunner, I should have known this…


parkrun – no caps, no gaps.




parkrun, not Park Run!

-all lower case no space


By Simon Smale

By Simon Smale

When will Park Run be back?


Do you know when Park runs will be back? Surely we’re close

-Need to run


Hi, Need to run 


Park Run is up and running again in some areas.


In fact, according to the Park Run website, 47 are in operation across WA, the NT and Tasmania, with 4,946 plucky runners taking part.


From this weekend, there will be runs operating in the ACT too, while in South Australia runs will resume on November 21.


Of course, there is nothing from stopping you from going down to your local park and just going for a jog…


By Simon Smale

Western Australia’s hard border could get softer


Pretty please, be covid-safe. If we get to 28 days sans community case, WA will let me in to see my family!

-I want to see my Mum!


That’s right, I want to see my Mum!



Very low risk jurisdictions are defined as having had no local cases in the previous 28 days, and include Tasmania, Queensland, South Australia, the ACT and the Northern Territory.

Travellers from these jurisdictions will still be subject to certain requirements though, such as agreeing to a health screen and taking a COVID test.


People coming from New South Wales and Victoria will still need to self-quarantine for 14 days in a “suitable premise” and present for a COVID-19 test on day 11.


“In effect, the existing COVID safety rules will continue for people who have recently been in New South Wales or Victoria,” Mr McGowan said.


By Simon Smale

Regional questions 


Hi Simon, Any chance NSW will open their border to regional Vic?.. noted yesterday Qld opened their border to regional NSW….



Hi, Hopeful


Yesterday Daniel Andrews said that he felt it was understandable that Gladys Berejiklian would want to wait for clarification on the QR Codes and for all of Victoria to be on the same level before opening up fully.


He did say that there were conversations ongoing about the potential for an expanded border bubble, but didn’t offer too much more clarification. 

By Simon Smale

Some sound advice for us all to take into our Saturdays








Messages worth shouting at the top of our lungs.


Have a good day everyone.

By Simon Smale

By Simon Smale

Case reconciliation from yesterday


Hi Simon!Happy with only 1 case today, but confused about yesterday’s numbers. In the dhhs website now it says 3 cases were confirmed yesterday, but in the daily update they said that both weak positives were negative. Shouldn’t it be only 2 cases then? Some word on that?

-Happy Melbournian


Hi Happy Melbournian.


The Premier said that this would likely be addressed in today’s press conference.


Both he and the DHO Professor Sutton said that the expert panel needed to look at these weak cases and that it was possible that they would be reclassified. It might be the case that only one of them was reclassified, or that only one has been so far, but regardless, we’ll get more information later I have no doubt.

By Simon Smale

Day off for Daniel Andrews


well earned day off Premier Andrews!

-Juan Sanchez


Ah, Our Dan has finally extricated himself from between the rock and the hard place, and is at last having a day off! Geez, even the virus has had a couple of days off, so it is time our Premier took some time out. I hope he has some rest and relaxation planned.




By Simon Smale

Which Foley? 


I bet no-one’s asked you about Martin Foley before!

-presser watchers


True. In fact, the last Foley I was asked about was former Wallaby fly half Bernard Foley…



Wonder if Martin Foley will say ‘everyone right to go’?

-Presser devotee


If he doesn’t, he clearly didn’t read the “How to start a press conference” guide that was sent out at the start of his time as a Victorian MP.

By Simon Smale

Key Event

Victoria reports one new coronavirus case


Victoria has recorded just one new coronavirus case overnight.


There have been no further deaths.


The number of mystery cases is two.


The 14-day average is 2.4 in Melbourne and remains at zero in regional Victoria.


By Simon Smale

Queensland elections 


Good morning Simon! Hope you already had your coffee and voted today! (I assume the blog team is in QLD right?) Do we have any blog or coverage of the QLD election? Have a great day!



Hi Maria,


It appears that the vast majority of Queenslanders have already voted today.


In fact, ABC reporter George Roberts has told ABC Weekend Breakfast that as many as 2 million people have already voted, which is about 70 per cent.


A lot of this would be down to the pandemic, and that’s been a huge talking point throughout the campaign.



By Simon Smale

Mixed blessings 


Looks like audience comments can be published again which is great for us and hopefully not too painful for you bloggers 🙂

-The audience is back!


Hi, The audience is back!


I’ll admit to enjoying a relatively sedate day yesterday…


But it’s always nice to read your lovely comments and questions. 

By Simon Smale



Happy Halloween! We’re looking forward to a day of family fun – Halloween Taboo, Halloween Minute to Win It (both of which are simply printed off the internet,) indoor trick-or-treating culminating in Halloween baskets full of summer fun (a new cricket bat, new beach towels, and yes, some lollies) and then some age-appropriate scary movies! We’re all set for a frightfully good time!

-Minister for Halloween


Happy Halloween Minister, or Oíche Shamhna shona daoibh, for our Irish readers (remember, Halloween is an Irish festival, not American…)


Sounds like you all have a busy and fun-filled day ahead of you.


Remember though, if you are going trick or treating, authorities want you to be careful about it.


Health authorities are urging Halloween trick or treaters tonight to take coronavirus precautions, such as giving out individually wrapped lollies, and avoiding the sharing of masks and costumes. 

People who are sick or in self-isolation are reminded not to open the door for trick-or-treaters. 



By Simon Smale

Spooky comments…


Good morning on this election day, Simon! Hopefully the comments don’t ghost us today! 😊



I wouldn’t want to jinx it, but we’re going OK at the moment…



And yes, happy Queensland election day to those of you in the Sunshine State.

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