Affordable or free online social psychology classes and books

Affordable or free online social psychology classes and books

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Social psychology — the study of how people’s thoughts, beliefs, and actions are impacted by the presence of others — can teach us how to be more connected to our friends, families, partners, coworkers, and communities. 

Especially in a pandemic, the ability to better understand ourselves and other people brings us closer, even if we’re limited to virtual communication or socially distant guidelines. 

The term “social psychology” is used fairly broadly here, encompassing classes that positively impact your personal wellbeing, work relationships, and conflict-management skills. The common thread running through all of them is an emphasis on self-improvement and the idea that our initial perceptions of other people are not always accurate. 

Some of these classes are free to audit, and the cost of a certificate of completion ranges from $49-$537.30, depending on the learning platform and course. 

10 online social psychology classes to help you understand people better:

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