Flipkart: The Mystery hunt on Twitter is over as Flipkart finally gets its ‘F’

Flipkart: The Mystery hunt on Twitter is over as Flipkart finally gets its ‘F’

If you were also looking for the missing ‘Fs’ from the Flipkart tweets off late, look no further! Wondering what this is all about? Flipkart started an exciting digital marketing campaign where the brand missed the letter ‘F’ from its tweets which led to a mystery hunt on Twitter. Twitterati went into a tizzy as they initially thought that it could be an error but later realised the letter was missing from the tweets by design! The campaign became a hit instantly and reached out to millions in the country. The campaign was called
#WheresTheF and in no time it was trending on top 5 in India on 20th September.

ET Spotlight

Don’t you just love it when the brands go all-out with witty marketing campaigns and A-listers and other brands join them in fun online banter? Everyone joined in the fun when some top brands like Spotify, Swiggy, Axis Bank joined Flipkart in this innovative social campaign that went viral and garnered great conversations. Twitteratis figured that something big was on the cards, but the speculation was still rife!

Brands like Myntra and Phone Pe were not behind as they also helped Flipkart in finding the F but no one could guess what was actually brewing.

But a little birdy just told us where the F might be and it’s Samsung that has the information about the missing piece in the puzzle. Finally, Samsung solved the mystery by posting a video on their handle and their interactions have given us some major cues.

Flipkart got its F and as Twitterati speculated that this F may be either a model or series launch. Global smartphone major Samsung’s tie-up with Flipkart is set to be one big party. The speculation around the F series launching on Flipkart has been confirmed on Twitter with social media anticipating a formal announcement in the coming days. To see what this big reveal is all about, check out
this space
where the beans have been spilled.

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