Facebook And Instagram Dropping Embedded Content Support On WordPress Sites

Facebook And Instagram Dropping Embedded Content Support On WordPress Sites

Facebook and Instagram embedded content will soon break on WordPress websites unless owners generate an app ID with a developer account.

If you’ve got a WordPress website and you regularly embed Facebook or Instagram content on it, you’ll have to read carefully, as this affects you. Facebook is updating its Graph API, requiring site owners to get a developer account and app ID to continue using Facebook and Instagram oEmbeds.

As a result, WordPress will also be removing Facebook as an oEmbed provider in its upcoming core release.

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What this means, practically, is that all Facebook and Instagram embeds on your website will stop working when Facebook updates its API on October 24. The Facebook and Instagram blocks on Gutenberg have already been removed in the latest release, so you won’t be able to add any more of these to your site.

If you choose to do nothing, all Facebook and Instagram embeds will be broken on your website, and we all know that’s not ideal.

However, there are several solutions to consider.

Facebook’s new Requirements

The Facebook oEmbed endpoints are only meant for embedding Facebook content – no other purpose.

You can find out more here.

oEmbed Plus WordPress Plugin

You can use the oEmbed Plus WordPress plugin to implement the new Facebook and Instagram oEmbed APIs, bringing back Facebook and Instagram embeds in the block editor. You still need to register as a Facebook developer and create an app to get your API credentials for the plugin to work.

Smash Balloon Plugins

If you don’t want to register for a Facebook developer account and/or create an app for your website, there are two plugins available by developers Smash Balloon. They already have an API key to create custom feeds for Facebook and Instagram, so you won’t need to get one yourself.

There are two free plugins available – one for Facebook and one for Instagram.


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