The TikTok Saga Continues

The TikTok Saga Continues

Microsoft: Despite some skepticism, Microsoft still leads the pack as the most likely candidate to buy TikTok. 

  • Marketing on the app could theoretically change under Microsoft, but at least it’d still be around.

The White House: There are reports that TikTok will sue President Trump over his executive order requiring the company to be sold off from its Chinese parent company. The grounds? Trump didn’t give TikTok enough time to respond. 

  • But TikTok’s recent faux pas won’t help its situation: WSJ analysts discovered that, until November 2019, TikTok tracked Android user data through a tactic banned by Google. 

Twitter: Twitter and TikTok are in early talks about combining, though it’s unclear whether Twitter will pursue a deal. 

  • This merger could make both companies better able to compete with Facebook, the social media marketing landscape’s MVP. 

Creator fund: TikTok recently announced the first recipients of its $1 billion fund created to help major TikTokers earn a livelihood through their creative pursuits. 

  • The creator fund gives influencers—and, therefore, marketers—incentive to stay on TikTok during ban purgatory.

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