Review of Top Email Marketing and Automation Tools Published by BlogCharge

Review of Top Email Marketing and Automation Tools Published by BlogCharge

Mailchimp versus AWeber: Digital marketing specialists at BlogCharge take a closer look at two of the leading email marketing and automation solutions for 2020, AWeber and MailChimp.

AWeber and MailChimp are among the top email marketing and automation tools in the industry. But which one is better? BlogCharge’s team of digital marketers have published a detailed comparison of the two platforms to see which is most suited for specific business needs. 

In their full AWeber vs MailChimp review, the team from BlogCharge compared the ease of registration, pricing, automation tools, and design flexibility of the two platforms. Information on marketing features, total subscribers supported per plan, as well as the availability of a mobile application is also consolidated in a comparison chart.

BlogCharge shares that MailChimp supports a larger subscriber list, and offers more advanced automation and customization features compared to AWeber:
“MailChimp doesn’t offer as extensive a template catalogue as AWeber, but it does come with a high-level of customizability. From images to headers, layout to color schemes, you get more control over how your content is built on the platform. Moreover, the template and layout options are categorized according to your objective, like making an announcement, selling a product, or engaging with a customer..”

However, online marketing and advertising agencies may stand to benefit more from AWeber’s intuitive interface:

“If you’re looking for an easy-to-use solution and also require a larger bandwidth for email sends per month, then AWeber is the better choice. It’s automation tools are not as solid as MailChimp, and its extensive email templates aren’t exactly the sleekest, but you will find setting up campaigns easier with its UX.”

The full AWeber and MailChimp comparison is available to read at BlogCharge now. 

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