Plainfield store gave away hundreds of boxes of free produce in 90 minutes

Plainfield store gave away hundreds of boxes of free produce in 90 minutes

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A promotional video on the Peter Rubi Facebook page said customers didn’t sort through the produce or pick out what they wanted. No one went into the store.

They simply popped their trunk and received a box of assorted produce.
Some of those items included apples, lemons, asparagus and garlic, Witcpalek said.

In some cases, people received an extra box to give to a friend, relative or neighbor who didn’t have transportation at the time of the giveaway, Witcpalek said.

One person messaged later and said she divided up her box among seven families, Witcpalek said.

“Someone commented on Facebook that her husband was a lineman working night and day and she did not have access to a car,” Witcpalek said. “So she sent her mother-in-law. We made her a produce box and she took it home.”

Peter Rubi will remain closed on Thursday for deep cleaning and restocking. The store will reopen on 9 a.m. Friday, Witcpalek said.

“We can deep clean and keep our team busy,” Witcpalek said.

Peter Rubi’s online store is still stocked with staples, such as honey, maple syrup and grains, she said. To order, visit

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