Rest in Peace, Scroogle – Business 2 Community

Rest in Peace, Scroogle – Business 2 Community

The popular website owned and operated by Danial Brandt since 2003 and which ranked within the top 5000 highest trafficked websites on the web, and held a PageRank 6 has shut its doors permanently!

Reasons cited were DDOS (Denial of Service) attacks coupled with some serious throttling from Google themselves who were actually providing the results shown by Scroogle.

Many of us, me included were regular visitors to the website since we could quickly and easily get an unbiased result for our website and its chosen keyword and that keywords location within the SERPS (search engine ranking position).

It’s a sad day when any of the larger, more popular websites go down and this is no different. According to Brandt several of his online properties were being targeted by hackers who for one reason or another held a grudge against him, and were bent on shutting down the search engine either for a time, or as it turns out permanently.

According to betabeat author Adrianne Jeffries, Scroogle’s days were numbered and would have shut down permanently even without the attacks due to the throttling issue the site was facing from Google.

What I find interesting is that Google chose to simply limit the amount of queries they were allowing from Scroogle when they could just as easily have cut them off entirely! I suppose having a search engine unable to show results for as long as 90 minutes at a time however is the next best thing.

For those of you looking for an alternative way to search your favorite keyword, or website rankings there are a few alternatives to check out.

Google Encrypted


IX Quick

Duck Duck Go

The list above is an alternative for private searches, but seems to produce different results which might not work for some since the sole reason we’d use a service like this is to check our rankings on a particular keyword quickly. And since most of us are only concerned with rankings in Google we may be better off loading up our keyword rank tracking software of choice on a more regular basis.

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