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Watch out for the mudslides! Friendly warning from designer of Harry and Meghan's £11m

Multi-millionaire businessman Terry Cunningham, 61, told The Mail on Sunday how he and his wife Randi bought 5.4 acres of ‘spectacular’ land in exclusive Montecito in 1999, and spent four years building the house of their dreams – a 14,463 sq ft property called The Chateau of Riven Rock. However, Mr Cunningham sounded one note of caution for the new owners, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. In 2018, devastating mudslides – triggered by heavy rain saturating the hills which had been ravaged by wildfires – came within 200ft of the property. He said: ‘We sure as hell didn’t think about it [the mudslides] when we were building but certainly it’s something I would be thinking about now.’ Mr Cunningham sold the house in 2009 because the couple wanted to downsize but they still live close to their dream home. The buyer was controversial Russian billionaire Sergey Grishin, 54, who was nicknamed the ‘Scarface Oligarch’. Mr Grishin recently denied claims that he threatened to kill his ex-wife Anna Fedoseeva. Harry and Meghan can expect to spend almost £5 million a year just to cover their living expenses in California. This includes six security guards for £775,000, four housekeepers for £272,000, more than £45,000 on the garden and pool upkeep and £23,400 on gas. 

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