Some alternative social media and content apps for 2020

Some alternative social media and content apps for 2020

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Social media is a modern tool most of us can’t live without. Whether you’re boosting a post on Facebook, liking a story on Instagram or retweeting a tweet on Twitter, we’re all at it. Social media is everywhere, and as consumers, we are completely lapping it up.

Social media is used for a wide variety of things, too. For example, a restaurant might have a Facebook page sharing all their new dishes to tempt people in; a casino brand might share news around playing heads or tails online on Twitter, and then – away from business – there are people who use it to keep in touch with friends or follow the news. Put simply, there is no right or wrong way to use social media on the whole, unless you’re a big brand with a marketing strategy of course, but largely people use it as they wish, sharing status updates or uploading endless dinner photos. You know what we mean, right?

It isn’t just about Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, though. There’s a shedload of new social media and content apps making a name for themselves in 2020. So, without further ado, here’s some of them you can download for your phone.


Hootsuite is a social media management tool ideal for scheduling posts and sharing content on multiple platforms as and when you want. Particularly ideal for businesses, Hootsuite means you can share pre-prepared content and stay consistent with your tone and overall message. You can also collate all of your feeds and fit them all onto one screen, making it easier to keep up to date with your interactions, likes and a few other things. If you’re keen to share content but don’t always have the time to post, then try Hootsuite.


A cloud-based design app, Canva is the perfect app for creating social media posts, or images to promote products on your website. With both a free and a paid version, the app and its customizable templates are worthwhile for all types of social media use. If you’re keen to add more style and professionalism to your social media posts, Canva could be for you.


Caption competitions and the like are fairly popular these days, which is why creations like Captiona have come to the fore. Captiona allows you to generate captions for Instagram and Snapchat, which can be a hassle for some social media users. Thinking of new and authentic captions is a skill in itself, but with a useful tool like Captiona, you’ll master it a lot quicker. The app scans the image you are sharing and then finds keywords relating to your image, generating a caption from there. Pretty neat, right?

Story Slicer 

Some alternative social media and content apps for 2020

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A popular creation in 2020 so far, Story Slicer is a great app used to edit videos for Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. Either by uploading a video you’ve already recorded or filming live directly via the app, Story Slicer is an easy to use, slick app which will give you access to the all of the tools needed to soup your videos up to the required standard. Sadly, though, the app is only available on iOS at the moment.


Planoly is only on Instagram, but it has made a real name for itself on the platform, especially for businesses. The app allows you to plan out your posts and see how they will look on your Instagram profile before you post it, which is ideal for a business sharing a new logo, for example. Planoly provides analytics so you can keep track of your post’s performance, too.

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