How to set up and optimise your LinkedIn company page

How to set up and optimise your LinkedIn company page

If you are starting to look at online advertising, you are going to have to think about using social media as one of the platforms, says Mansi Rana, managing director at EZ Rankings. Rana says that top digital marketing companies can help with this, but you should make sure that you know just how to set up your business page on LinkedIn.

Not only will you want to know how to set it up but you should also know what you would have to do so that it is fully optimised. 

How to set up your company profile on LinkedIn

One of the top things that any digital marketing company can do for you is to set up various business profiles on social media pages, including LinkedIn. Here is how to set up your business based page on this platform:

  • Go to your personal profile and then click the work tab on the upper right section of the window.
  • Go to the bottom of the drop-down menu and click ‘create a company’ page.
  • Choose the right type of business, including small, medium to the large, educational institution or showcase page.
  • Input all of the important business-related details like the page identity, business details and the profile details.
  • Ensure that the page name is also the official name of the business and that it is consistent with all of the other business profiles that are out there. This will make sure that your page is going to be added as the official extension of this entity and will be indexed using Google.

You should make sure that the page is completely filled out and include the following details:

  • business size
  • industry
  • website URL
  • logo
  • description
  • street address

Once all of this is filled out, then you can move on to optimising your page and everything that is included in that.

How to optimise your business page

You should make sure that you are filling out all of the information regarding your business as the first step for optimising your page.

There are a few other simple tasks that you can do for this as well, such as:

  • updating the profile banner and image with your business logo
  • creating a compelling and interesting ‘about us’ section that includes some of your keywords
  • filling out all of the other necessary key fields like business size, industry, head-quarters country, address and URL
  • creating showcase pages and posting regularly with various posts and content
  • building your career page, which can show what the day to day operations and interactions of your business is like
  • asking for and giving out some endorsements from employees, associates and customers, and
  • watching out for what your competition is doing.

The more you have the page optimised, the easier others will be able to find it when needed.

If you are working with a digital marketing company that you know, ensure that they know to do these things for your LinkedIn profile. You also need to know how to set this up so that you can do it yourself if required and how to optimise the page.

The more you know, then the easier it is going to be for everything to be completed and for you to have everything ready when they are needed.

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