Facebook Ads Growth Hacks that most Marketers don’t know about, by Entrepreneur Vaibhav Sisinty

Facebook Ads Growth Hacks that most Marketers don’t know about, by Entrepreneur Vaibhav Sisinty

Vaibhav is a Growth Hacker and Consults startups with Growth. He also Headed Marketing for Klook India and was previously a Marketing Manager at Uber. Vaibhav has been running Facebook ads for eight years now, and on the way of execution and experimentation, he has been implementing various growth hacks to make Facebook ads work for him and the businesses he has worked with.
And today, he has shared 10 of his

Most Powerful Facebook Ads Growth Hacks:

Stop Reinventing the wheel with Ad Creatives & Copies:
It takes a lot of time and effort to get started. His recommendation is to spy on your competitors using Facebook Ads Library or tools like Power Ads Spy and model the best performing and longest-running ads for them. This way, you will save much time experimenting and deciding what’s working, and start getting some results right off the back.

Stop doing interest based ads to start with:

Running interest based ads could turn out to be an expensive mistake for you like most people when starting with Facebook Ads, according to Vaibhav. They keep running cold ads. Before even starting a campaign, make sure you drive organic traffic to your website using your owned channels like your Email list of social media following or leverage Other people’s network to build a broad look alike audience and variations of it with CBO (Conversion Budget Optimisation)

Use tools like Pixelme or Switchy to shorten articles:

Vaibhav uses tools like Switchy and Pixelme to shorten articles from authentic sites like Forbes about a topic and embed his Facebook pixels using these tools and runs traffic ads. And then, easily retarget users based on the shortened URL and build a lookalike audience again.

Use Testimonial Ads to Cold Audience:

Make your happy customers introduce your product to a cold audience instead of trying to convince them to use your product. Most testimonials go as retargeting ads, but why not do it the other way around? Most Users never purchase the first ad they see. So, make this a part of the first impression ads to build trust and credibility.

Use Hyperise To Setup Ads:
Personalization is where the money is. Use tools like Hyperise to set up ads showing your potential customers ads with their name on the ad copy and the ad creatives via dynamic catalog ads. It’s a bond for enterprise-level companies and Saas Products with a very High Lifetime Value

Automate your Ad Campaigns and Leverage AI:

Start using tools like Magdicx and Campaign Hero to automate your ad campaigns and start leveraging AI also to automate the optimization of the ads instead of manually doing it. Focus on what humans do best, and AI can’t, being creative!

Using these Growth Hacks, your Facebook Ads Campaigns are optimised for high quality leads at the lowest costs. The Growth Hacker himself has implemented these strategies and has got 1000s of paid customers at the lowest possible costs.

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