Hackers cause Telstra outages in Australia’s eastern states with ‘malicious’ cyber attack | Technology

Hackers have carried out a “malicious” cyber attack on Telstra, creating connectivity issues for some home internet users.

Telstra reported the denial of service attack on its servers on Sunday which led to widespread internet outages in Australia’s eastern states.

A denial of service attack floods a network with traffic or information to trigger a crash, denying legitimate users access.

Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane were the main outage hotspots.

Other internet providers did not report connectivity issues despite reports of NBN problems spiking before 11am.

Telstra said it was confident it had blocked all “malicious traffic” and was working on getting users back online.

The telecommunications giant insisted customers’ personal data hadn’t been compromised and apologised for the outage.

“Your info isn’t at risk,” the company tweeted on Sunday.

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