Cybersecurity for Your Growing Online Business —

Cybersecurity for Your Growing Online Business —

Changing trends and evolving best practices means business owners today need to be concerned about more than just the security of a brick and mortar location. In the past, most businesses operated out of a brick and mortar location, or at least had a physical location they could think of as “home base.” As the world evolved, and the internet opened up the business world and marketplace, business needs have changed as well.

Those businesses that operate predominantly or entirely online will find this especially true for their continued success and growth. While most of today’s competitive businesses have an online presence, even when they also have a physical location, it’s impossible for an online business to achieve true success without a thriving and reliable internet presence. 

A strong cyber defense can help protect your business, whether it’s brand new or well-established, while it grows and achieves the success you’ve been working toward. 

5 Cybersecurity Risks for Your Online Business

Protecting your online business from cybersecurity threats begins with understanding what risks your venture faces. Here are some of the most common cyber threats facing your small business. 

1. Data Breaches 

A data breach happens when someone accesses sensitive data without authorized permission. This…

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