Facebook’s E.gg is bringing back creativity of the ‘early internet’

Facebook’s E.gg is bringing back creativity of the ‘early internet’

  • Back in the 90s, surfing the web was all about websites with flashy texts, GIFs, and images.

    They were not as clean and seamless as they are now, but had a uniquely weird expression of creativity.

    To bring some of that experience back, Facebook’s New Product Experimentation (NPE) team has announced a new app called ‘E.gg’.

    Here’s all about it.

  • E.gg

    So, what is E.gg?

  • Launched in beta, E.gg is a product aimed at recapturing the “weird and offbeat” atmosphere of early internet with various content/visual styles.

    It lets users create zine-y looking digital collages, called ‘canvases’, as well as personalized ‘about pages’ for their apps using flashy GIFs, pictures, text, and solid color backgrounds — just like how the web used to be back in the day.

  • Feature

    Freely position, resize content to express your creativity

  • According to Facebook, you can freely position and resize the content in your E.gg canvases to express your creativity.

    They can, for instance, portray your favorite films, albums, novels, or some succulent pictures you may want to keep at one place.

    The company does not even have like or commenting options for these creations, which is a welcome and refreshing change.

  • Sharing

    Creations can also be shared on the web

  • All the canvases created through E.gg can be shared, viewed publicly through a personalized “E.gg” URL.

    “We started working on E.gg after a few of us found ourselves missing a certain raw and exploratory spirit that was so emblematic of The Early Internet,” Facebook notes, adding that it was an enlivening bazaar of creations by people who wanted to create their own digital space.

  • App

    iOS app on the way

    iOS app on the way
  • As of now, the E.gg iOS app is in beta stage, but you can join the waitlist to try it.

    The website of the service is live, with a rather interesting ‘About us’ page that features the Oogachacka dancing baby and a few of the creations created via E.gg.

    To explore more, the company says, you can follow the @made.on.egg page on Instagram.

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