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Energy Storage Key to Carbon Neutral see this month’s article

in order to support the economics of renewables, energy storage allows
for the capture of energy produced at one time for use at a later time
and is the key to ensuring a carbon neutral world



Hilscher has launched something big—and in the world’s smallest PC Card package. The new M.2 format PCI Express card adds

real-time communications to PC-based systems. And it has never been
easier. In just a few minutes, users can connect PC-based devices, such
IPCs, HMIs and robotics, to

Real-Time Ethernet and Fieldbus networks. The M.2 card can be simply
installed in new and existing devices to connect with industrial
automation networks on the fly.

Here’s a link to the complete press release.


Lynxspring Announces New JENEsys® Edge™ 414 IP Programmable Niagara Controller

by Ken Smyers

Lynxspring’s new JENEsys Edge 414 is ideal for small to mid-sized
facilities, multi-site environments, plant, and equipment control and
perfect for applications that require minimal integration with third
party products (max 3) and minimal points of control (max 50)

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the
JENEsys Edge 414, a new, fully programmable Niagara 4, controller with
on board 14 IO.

Part of the company’s Edge Enabled™ portfolio, this unit blends the
adaptability and flexibility of a freely IP programmable device and a
50-point, 3 device perpetual maintenance Niagara 4 license.

The JENEsys Edge 414 enables you to utilize Niagara ProBuilder
/Workbench software, Niagara programming tools and the FOX Protocol for
easy setup, programming, commissioning, and control.

feverwarnFeverWarn,  technology from MachineSense

feverwarn ( has changed the COVID-19 landscape by
providing a measurable first line of defense when entering a business,
manufacturing/industrial or educational facility, among others.
According to the CDC, they recommend some form of temperature
monitoring device be implemented before entering a manufacturing

See article for August Issue

Smart Count–A Smart Guidance for Social distance our smart count
, it comes with 7 inch industrial screen which can showing entry number
and body temperature , built-in medic grade body temperature sensor ,
support multi language like English , Spanish ,Russia and etc.

it is a good way to help Keeping Social Distance .you can setting the
maximum capacity number to limit the population flow  ,when it
exceed the number you setting ,it will remind and alert . click this videos to get more details .

dhpMICROBIAL REDUCTION SYSTEM Pioneering Microbial Reduction In Occupied Spaces

Our approach to microbial reduction continues to demonstrate consistent
and reliable results for actual client deployments across a variety of

Synexis is the Sole Developer of Dry Hydrogen Peroxide and Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Technology.

Our company was founded to raise the bar in environmental treatment. We
achieve this through a data driven and innovative approach utilizing
best in class products and services.

Our product and process, which are protected by 170+ issued and pending
patents, covers the creation and deployment of Dry Hydrogen Peroxide
(DHP) in hundreds of applications. Because of this, we are the only
company with worldwide exclusivity for using gas phase hydrogen

Sinopé Zigbee dimmer switch review: Smart lighting from the Great White North

Don’t let unfamiliarity with this Canadian manufacturer dissuade you from trying their competent smart-home wares



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