The Power of Diversity in Marketing: Kris Lal

The Power of Diversity in Marketing: Kris Lal

Kris Lal is the founder of, an Instagram marketing agency who is championing diversity within influencer marketing since 2017 . Curator helps clients grow their Instagram accounts with authentic followers and run campaigns maximising their ROI, all whilst using diverse talent putting them at the forefront of worldwide campaigns and media. Kris Lal has worked with Grammy Award winning artists Tboz (of TLC fame) and platinum selling artist Chingy, his passion for music segued into influencer marketing and the start of Curatorsocial.

What made you decide to start Curatorsocial?

Social Media for me was the ultimate culmination of my skillset, passion and desire to provide a bespoke ROI based service for clients that saw real results. I had just finished a musical project with Tboz of the legendary group TLC where we employed a killer social strategy (well before Tik Tok routines were a thing) which saw the project propel to the top of the chart. Off the back of this project, I started advising top tier luxury brands on social strategy, diversifying their channels and influencer engagement. Another key driver for me starting Curatorsocial was the lack of diversity and conversations at the table about its importance in relation to branding, if brands weren’t actively pushing the narrative, I would start a business that would.

What’s a challenge you had to overcome to get to where you are today?
Some brands love the idea of being diverse, open and willing to improve their conversations to be more inclusive and broad…for others, it’s been a learning process. We often don’t work with brands unless we feel aligned with them, this is super important because if we can’t be as passionate about their vision, there is no authentic connection or resonance with each-others mission. My goal is for a brands to choose the best person for the job always, but from a diverse spectrum of talent. Stories like conversations are not always linear, there are so many amazing perspectives and narratives that need to be heard.

What’s a motto you live by?
I have two in particular that I consistently pull from for inspiration, ‘Karma is king’, remember all you do will reflect on you in some way shape or form. Every action I take carries weight and no matter how insignificant it may be, I always try and bring the right energy to what I do. Secondly is simply to ‘Swallow the frog’ , this is weird but always reminds me to do the things I don’t necessarily WANT to do first so that everything else becomes a lot easier. I find in life procrastination can be a key detractor for creatives, and this keeps me grounded and accountable throughout.

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