8 topical new categories added to this year’s Northern Marketing Awards Prolific North

8 topical new categories added to this year’s Northern Marketing Awards Prolific North

Let’s take a closer look at the new categories…

  • Best Crisis Communications Campaign

In times of local, national and global crisis, marketing experts play an essential role in conveying important information in a way that is clear, easy-to-remember and powerful. If you’ve been involved in doing this sort of work, download the entry form for this category. 

Influencer marketing is nothing new but it’s definitely not going away anytime soon, especially with more of us both viewing and shopping on Instagram than ever before. During lockdown, social media engagement has increased by 61 percent over normal usage rates, according to data from Kantar. If you’ve forged a brilliant relationship between influencer and brand, we think this category is for you.

  • Best Education Campaign 

The education sector is a competitive place where organisations need to cut through the noise in order to stand out from the crowd. Many bodies have been forced into remote teaching and many individuals are now facing the reality of having to learn online. If you’ve created a campaign that’s turned heads in education, this category is worth submitting for.

Nowadays, it’s very often insufficient to only advertise or communicate your message to an audience through one single channel. If your campaign has successfully and consistently utilised multiple channels, this is the category to enter. 

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