The Top Three Stats From a Note Edelman Passed Me…

The Top Three Stats From a Note Edelman Passed Me…

…and a juicy note it was. Here are my three biggest takeaways from Edelman’s Brand Trust in 2020 report.

  1. Stat: Only 24% of U.S. respondents said that celebrities are credible spokespeople for brand trust, whereas 59% said they’d trust a “person like themselves.” 
    • Why it matters: If you tried and failed to get the most recent Bachelorette finalists to post about your products on IG, you might want to look for people who tried and failed to get on The Bachelor.
  1. Stat: 62% say they want brands to inform them about ways they’re helping with the pandemic. 
    • Why it matters: Whether or not to address COVID-19 has consistently been a hot topic among marketers since March, and now we finally have a better sense of where consumers stand on the issue.
  1. Stat: 70% of U.S. respondents said trusting a brand today is more important to them than it was in the past.
    • Why it matters: Due to the pandemic, transparency is, dare I say, having a moment.

Shameless plug: I’m hosting a panel via LinkedIn Live today at 4pm ET to chat about Brand Trust in 2020 with Edelman COO Lisa Ross, Edelman U.S. Brand Chair Michele Anderson, and Petco CMO Tariq Hassan. And you should absolutely come, especially if you want to talk about how these stats differ along racial lines. RSVP here.

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