Duchess was PLEASED her five friends held interview as court battle continues

Duchess was PLEASED her five friends held interview as court battle continues

Meghan Markle is happy that her five friends held an explosive interview with People magazine, court heard.

The Duchess of Sussex faced a court battle today in bid to protect the anonymity of her pals – who spoke to the US publication in February 2019 over the bullying she had endured.

Yet, lawyers from Associated Newspapers – who Meghan is suing over an alleged breach of privacy – said that she had “commended” the “flattering” interview.

The lawyers said: “They gave flattering material to People about [Meghan].

“[She] does not complain about what they did – in fact she appears to commend it.

“The information they disclosed to People was information about the claimant, but is not said by her to be private or information that she seeks to protect.”

The Duchess of Sussex has always denied giving her friends permission to speak to People magazine about her in the bombshell article which was published in February 2019.

And Meghan’s lawyers argued today that her pals should have “high protection” and the same anonymity any journalists receive.

Justin Rushbrooke QC, representing Meghan, have said their names should remain confidential.

Neither Meghan nor Harry did not attend the hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice in London today.

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