Columbus Chamber Receives Free Social Media Marketing Services

Columbus Chamber Receives Free Social Media Marketing Services

Studio MFP ( recently announced that they are offering all the members of Columbus Chamber of Commerce a free month trial of social media marketing, as well as other discounts, due to the impact that COVID-19 has had on small businesses. The free month of social media marketing services include Studio MFP’s suite of popular bundled monthly management skills like social media marketing, daily social media posting, digital advertising, reporting, analytics and more.

The first free month’s trial of social media marketing will be awarded to all the qualifying chamber members, and in order for the chamber members to qualify they just need to have a consultation with one of Studio MFP’s account executives.

“During a time when uncertainty looms over all the businesses and the economy in general, we want to do our part by contributing towards recovering and building the businesses in Columbus,” said Studio MFP CEO, Mike Faga. “We started like most new businesses do: as a small company with great big ideas. We want to help all those small businesses who may be impacted by pandemic. We have grown hand-in-hand with our clients, allowing us to meet their unique needs. This helps us understand the needs of other businesses that may face similar hardships. Our strengths are affordable, tailor-made services that help professionals expand in healthy and exciting ways, and we want to really focus on that now.”

Since 2016, Studio MFP has closely followed their two core values– professionalism and performance. From a humble beginning as a software provider, Studio MFP has expertly diversified into more services. Innovation and proactiveness has always been at the crux of all their services. The company takes great pride in stating themselves as competent and customer oriented, with a team of experts following a methodical five step approach to solve any problem and work on delivering measurable results.

  1. Provide the best-in-class solutions for customers in the best turnaround time possible.
  2. Provide measurable results, and create a WOW! Factor for the clients.
  3. Quality driven services, which can make a sizeable difference and positive impact on client business.
  4. Leading the way with a clearly defined purpose.
  5. To understand client business, and give tangible solutions that increase their ROI.

Studio MFP has always aimed at transforming the small, medium or big business, and empowering small businesses by partnering them with the emerging leaders in the world of digital marketing services.

If you are a member of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce, please contact Studio MFP to receive a free month trial of their professional social media marketing services.

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