Web Experience Company, Acquia Partners with Xillio

Web Experience Company, Acquia Partners with Xillio

Digital experience company Acquia today announced a partnership with content migration software and services company Xillio to power its Acquia Migrate Re-Platform solution (formerly CMS Migrate). Using this solution, organizations can move their website’s content and data from other content management systems to Drupal 9 up to five times faster than traditional replatforming projects.

“With over 15 years of experience helping hundreds of companies migrate their content and data to Drupal, Xillio brings valuable experience and technology to the Acquia Migrate Re-Platform solution,” said Charley Dublin, vice president of product management at Acquia. “Together, Acquia and Xillio will make it easier for customers to not only accelerate their migrations, but also optimize their content and data in the process.”

Erasmus University Rotterdam recently moved its outdated website to Drupal after its previous content management system had reached the limits of its capabilities. The project had to be fast-tracked due to security issues, so the University had less than nine months to complete it. “We had to choose between a minor upgrade or an entirely new platform. We chose a Drupal migration because innovation was important to us in the long term,” said Hans Pleysier, the site’s project manager. “We were able to complete our content migration in less than three months, taking it off the critical path.”

In addition to Acquia Migrate Re-Platform, Acquia has several other solutions that will support organizations’ migrations to Drupal 9.

  • Acquia Migrate Analyze allows customers to extract their content and data from any non-Drupal CMS into comprehensive reports to investigate their data model and optimize their content before migrating to Drupal 9. This solution is also offered in partnership with Xillio.
  • Acquia Migrate Accelerate (coming later this year) enables organizations to accelerate their migration from older versions of Drupal to Drupal 9. Acquia Migrate Accelerate was built by Acquia and offers tools such as a dedicated migration environment, dashboard, error analysis, preview, and module replacement recommendations.

“At Xillio, we believe content is at the heart of the customer experience. Migration is a means to improve the customer experience,” said Rikkert Engels, CEO, Xillio. “Acquia’s focus on open source, interoperability, and customer experience aligns very well with Xillio’s core mission to create better content experiences and, as such, we are thrilled to announce this partnership.”

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