OneSignal Customer Data Shows Push Notifications Drive Significant Customer Engagement and Retention

OneSignal Customer Data Shows Push Notifications Drive Significant Customer Engagement and Retention

Customers Report Greater Improvement in ROI over Email

SAN MATEO, Calif., July 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — OneSignal, the market leader in customer engagement messaging, announced a survey of companies who actively use web and mobile push notifications shows Push Notifications have equal or greater return on investment than email marketing or digital advertising.


In surveying over 300 customers1 with audience sizes exceeding 30,000, 82% reported that push notifications helped them meet or exceed their business goals.  When comparing push notifications against email, 72% of respondents said Push Notifications had a greater or same return on investment as email with 44% overall saying it was a greater return on investment.

Keeping users engaged with your app or service is a critical business goal. Analyzing more than 33,0002 active websites & mobile apps over a 30 day period, sending a push notification drove up daily active users by 9.3% on Web and 35% for mobile applications.

This finding was consistent across regions and industries, and further establishes that many companies are missing a golden opportunity to engage with their customers via modern engagement channels. 

“Companies are missing out on a crucial customer retention & engagement strategy if not leveraging Push Notifications,” said Josh Wetzel, Chief Revenue Officer, OneSignal.  “Users state overwhelmingly that Push Notifications not only meet their business needs, but ROI is better than or equal to other channels – as good or better than Email & Ads, and the qualitative look at more than 30k mobile apps & websites show they are essential to driving daily active usage.”

Especially for brands like Inspire Uplift, an e-commerce platform to sell unique items online, 10% of its entire Web Push revenue now comes from the automation of Abandoned Cart notifications. “OneSignal plays a crucial role in overall retention strategy,” said YJ Suk, Marketing Manager for MuteSix, whose marketing agency drove the digital strategy for Inspire Uplift. “We love that we are able to build highly tailored segments and automations based on user experience. This allows us to tackle our biggest challenges like Cart Abandonment tactically and efficiently.”

Despite the positive results seen by the vast majority of companies that implement and fine-tune their push notification messaging efforts, a majority of businesses are still discovering their value. Of the survey respondents who currently use OneSignal for managing their push notifications, a majority (57%) had never used Push Notifications before.

With less than 5% of top 100k global websites having implemented web push and less than 50% of active mobile applications using push notifications, this is an area for businesses to grow engagement with their most valuable and loyal customers. The utilization of push is growing but not as fast as it should. OneSignal represents the majority of push notification adoption (73% of all websites using web push use OneSignal and 20%+3 all active mobile apps use the SDK, which is seeing 100% adoption growth YoY.  

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