Connah’s Quay woman creates online platform to help businesses through the coronavirus crisis

Connah’s Quay woman creates online platform to help businesses through the coronavirus crisis

A FLINTSHIRE business woman is urging people to ‘rise from the pandemic together’.

Kat Massey, from Connah’s Quay, was unable to trade as soon as the lockdown hit, but came up with an innovative way to help businesses stay focused and visible.

Kat has her own business DoLittles and Co and also rents out her salons, all of which were affected when the pandemic was announced.

She told the Leader: “In March 2020, Boris Johnson said those words, “Stay at Home” and the world stood still.

“It took time to adjust but all we had was time. We got through the toilet roll Sagar and the rations of pasta like we were in World War One.

“Most businesses closed overnight including mine, I could feel my stress and anxiety creeping in, I knew I had to act fast, and I knew others would be feeling the same.

“I used that trendy word that was floating around the noisy online space and I pivoted my business online, but in a new way, a way I could help others to stay focused, stay seen stay confident I knew I could do this.”

As a result, Kat built an ‘online space’ called the Visibility Lounge which acts like a community forum.

She added: ”

Organically it started to grow and before I knew it we had over 500 members needing help with confidence anxiety stress visibility online presence, they were lost scared, some had never been online before.

“I acted quickly, my community needed me and I needed them and together I knew we would come out of this stronger.

“I wanted to let people know it was ok to be feeding like this, I shared with them my vulnerabilities, to let them know we are all going to feel a little lost scared.

“We have spent 18 weeks together and The visibility lounge has reached Spain, South Africa, Canada, US, Hawaii Australia, and the UK

“I would go live with broadcasts of the local people, on how they were helping with PPE, Animal Shelters, New mums having babies alone.

“Alexa our smart speaker became our friend I taught them how affirmations daily can help with their stress levels, I would share fun stories and become known as the naked weather lady often live in the lounge sweating with the heatwave but showing up to them daily.

“We clapped we laughed and we wobbled together.”

Kat says challenges were set to keep heads above the water.

She told the Leader: “I showed up every day and still do. Setting them challenges to keep their head above water.

“Together the world stood still, but together we just got that bit more confident.

“Stress and anxiety are thoughts of projection into the future, the what if’s. The visibility lounge has helped them to stay in the present.

“Suffering with my Mental Health for years I knew how important it was to have this safe space.

“I will continue my work to help and serve and I know that these businesses will not only survive but thrive because they had the support they needed at a time they needed it most.”

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