Aeroflot airline to reinvent its fleet with Airbus’ new generation aircraft only

Aeroflot airline to reinvent its fleet with Airbus’ new generation aircraft only

Aeroflot’s Airbus A350 fleet may grow from one to 81 aircraft in eight years (Pulkovo airport)

An airline industry source close to Aeroflot Group has
revealed more details on the revolutionary programme, which slated to place the
Russian flag carrier among the world’s top Five-Star airlines. According to
this insider information, by 2028 Aeroflot would operate Airbus-only fleet of
175 aircraft, with Airbus A350 as core of its long-haul operations. 

The airline’s fleet plan is part of the Aeroflot Group’s new ambitious strategy for the period up to 2028 that was presented to Russian prime minister Mikhail Mishustin by the group’s general director Vitaly Saveliev and approved by the group’s Board of Directors on July 16.

The state-run group, which combines the title carrier
Aeroflot with subsidiaries Rossiya Airlines, low-cost carrier (LCC) Pobeda
Airlines, targets 130 million passengers annually by 2028, while operating a
fleet of 600 jets. The strategy also calls for further differentiation among
the group’s airlines in terms of their individual priorities and operating
models. As a result Aeroflot would reemerge as a world-class premium carrier with
predominantly international operations.

The details of the strategy, which were not then revealed
to the public, include the plan to “gradually unify” Aeroflot’s fleet, which by
2028 would consist of Airbus-only aircraft. According to a source 81 Airbus
A350s, a mix of -900 and bigger -1000, would serve the airline’s long-haul
operations, whilst its medium-haul segment would rely on 94 of Airbus’
re-engined A320neo family aircraft, including 75 A321neo and 19 A320neo.

Aeroflot currently operates 19 Boeing 777-300ERs, 18
Airbus A330s, one A350-900, 47 B737-800s, 74 A320s, 33 A321s and 54 Superjet
100s. To make way for its would-be new generation all-Airbus fleet, the airline
plans to phase-out all of its A330s and A320/A321ceos. All B737s will be transferred
to LCC Pobeda, while Boeing 777s and Superjet 100s will be moved to Rossiya

The traffic target (which will be essentially
international one) for Aeroflot airline, without its sister carriers Pobeda and
Rossiya counted, is to reach between 35 and 40 million passengers per year by
2028. This is roughly level with the airline’s 2019 total traffic results of
37.2 million passengers, but only 52 per cent of these passengers were served
on international routes.

Such significant international traffic increase can be achieved not so much by meeting the needs of Russians travelling abroad, but primarily by the transit of passengers from Southeast Asia to Europe and America, via its Moscow’s Sheremetyevo hub and possibly would-be Siberian regional hub in Krasnoyarsk.

It is safe to assume that the airline will need its
fleet of medium-haul Airbus A320neo family aircraft to provide flights in the
European and Mediterranean regions.

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