Jdigital names Andrea Volta as new Director General

Jdigital names Andrea Volta as new Director General

Spanish gambling trade association Jdigital has announced that Andrea Volta will be its new Director General

The unanimous approval of Volta’s appointment follows the holding of an Extraordinary Session. 

Jdigital’s new Director General has significant experience within public affairs, holding key roles in various companies. 

Volta will work closely with Jdigital President Mikel López de Torre

“Very grateful” 

In the past, the new Jdigital Director General held a role as Public Affairs Lead for CIRC – A German professional IT services provider. He also worked for Politics Intelligence, which is a public international affairs firm. 

He shared his thoughts on his new role, with these being as follows. 

“I am very grateful to Jdigital for their confidence and I am very happy to be able to bring my knowledge and experience to the association at such a sensitive time for the sector.

“The online gaming industry faces significant challenges for its survival, and that is why we at Jdigital will be fighting with all the resources available to improve any senseless decision that could harm a safe and fully regulated industry. avoiding the further destruction of jobs at a time of economic crisis like the one we live in.” 

Jdigital hopes that strict Spanish gambling laws are not passed 

Online gambling in Spain is set to endure strict permanent regulations soon, with advertising and sponsorships both severely restricted. The PSOE-Podemos coalition government has been working on tightening measures since coming into power in 2019. 

Last week, Jdigital sent an appeal to the European Commission. They believe that the government has gone against European business laws, since those with licenses – who would be affected by the changes – were not formally notified before the Royal Decree on Advertising was approved.

In the past, the association has warned against marketing restrictions as they could serve to empower unregulated operators. 

Volta has also spoken about the challenges facing the online gambling industry in Spain, as well as what can be done to move forward.

“We have a fundamental challenge that is to protect the reputation of a self-regulated sector, which thanks to new technologies offers guarantees to users, consumers and, above all, to the vulnerable population.”

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