The Synergy Between Digital, Revenue Management, Sales, and Branding

The Synergy Between Digital, Revenue Management, Sales, and Branding

First and foremost, the panel agreed that it was important to work smart; get everyone in the virtual room to talk regularly. Effective communication is essential.  The panel spoke about breaking down the traditional silos and aligning visions and business objectives across all departments and departmental heads – Revenue, Sales, Marketing, Branding, Communications, and Digital.  It is important as a collective group, everyone shares the same purpose.

“The pandemic is the great equalizer,” said Ginger, “and within every crisis is an opportunity. You need to seek it out within the reduced segments that are now available across domestic and leisure travel.” She added to “stay close to your customer, be empathetic, and avoid the hard sell, now is not the right time.”

“Digital Transformation is about ways an organization restructure themselves to embrace innovation, by leveraging technology, and empowering the team to grow their business to the next level,” said Bridget. “We have to adapt how we operate and think about how we can improve on guest services and communication, not only with our consumers, but also internally, with, for example, our housekeepers and front desk; contactless technology or AI-powered websites are other examples that can be extremely helpful in this aspect.”

“We also need to think about how we collect and leverage data so that we can create and nurture the 1:1 relationship with our guests by delivering messages that are both relevant and timely,” Bridget added.

Gabriela spoke about looking at costs and financial goals and how hotels can improve and enhance operational workloads with less staff. “Pricing has to be dynamic,” she said, “and avoid discounting, rather add value,” she said, “as this won’t reduce your offering.”

“All this change is very uncomfortable,” added Jaclyn, “we are trying to do the best possible so need a leadership mandate ‘don’t make it perfect, make it quick.’ It is crucial now that your website tells your story and the content shows what makes you unique.”

“There is no rule book,” said Bridget, “you need to take calculated risks; many old templates and rules no longer apply in our new normal. Tap into your emotional selling. This is a human event and you must humanize your brand and speak to the individuals, as individuals. Everyone is going through this. Focus on learning new things, talk it through and get the right people together.  The end goal is business optimization.”

The panelists answered 31 of the most pressing questions attendees asked before and during the session. Learn more about how to transform your operations here

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