‘MWV Masked Heroes’ Facebook group created | Local News

‘MWV Masked Heroes’ Facebook group created | Local News

CONWAY — Wanting to help others to discern what the lay of the land is in terms of COVID-19 guidelines among local businesses, Ashley Kerr of Bartlett has created a Facebook page, “MWV Masked Heroes” (facebook.com/groups/mwvmaskedheroes).

“I posted it on Monday and in the first four days I am up to 140 followers,” said Kerr who is M&D at the Eastern Slope Inn Playhouse volunteer marketing director.

The group lists what venues (including restaurants) are doing to make their staff and patrons safe.

“I am a person who suffers from general anxiety so when the pandemic first came into play I was nervous,” said Kerr. “Now that I am transitioning to going back out, I have been noticing which places are following guidelines and although there is a list on Facebook in Maine, there was not one in New Hampshire so I have started this group for the valley.”

Kerr said she does her best to keep the list updated and encourages businesses to contact her via Facebook Messenger or through the group if they notice any inaccuracies.

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