20 Under 40: Sapp brings recognition, employees to RTG Medical | Local

20 Under 40: Sapp brings recognition, employees to RTG Medical | Local

As well as growing with the company, Sapp said she’s grown on a personal level since joining RTG. When she joined the team, she was only a couple years into dating her boyfriend, Brett.

Now, the two married last year, bought a house in Omaha and are expecting their first child.

“So on a personal level in the last four years, this company has supported me through each chapter that I have entered in,” Sapp said.

Guenthner said he knows very few people of any age, industry, or location that are as natural, positive, or talented as Sapp. Most importantly, he said she does not demand respect or appreciation from her peers, as it is earned and given to her.

“She is a natural leader that we at RTG and the Fremont community are so blessed to have working on our behalf,” Guenthner said. “She has the unique ability to see a step beyond what you want, and then deliver that. That does not go unrecognized, rather it should be rightfully recognized.”

During her time working in Fremont, Sapp said the community support has been not only amazing but twofold. In receiving so much from it, she said the company has been able to give back by sponsoring various programs such as the Special Olympics of Fremont or the Fremont Family YMCA’s SwimMates program.

“In other communities, you think you’re doing a really good deed, but a lot of times, there are organizations that will just cash your check and the next person’s check and the next person’s check,” she said. “And they do their best to show their gratitude, but Fremont has just always been extremely gracious to us.”

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