Post lockdown market shows varying success for business in Cumbria

Post lockdown market shows varying success for business in Cumbria

WITH SOCIETY taking a step closer to normality local businesses are adapting to the post lockdown market.

Many have been met with success and their workers have eagerly awaited the return of the public.

The Grasmere Brewery has enjoyed early success and has bounced back from the initial setbacks caused by lockdown.

Manager Paul Abbott said: “We opened as soon as we were allowed to. We were really happy to get back to it.

“Things started a little slow, but now we are returning to the same levels of trade as we had last year.

“We are very Lake District orientated. But since we are small, we bounced back rather quickly. We are keen to get back to normal as soon as possible. Furlough was paid on time for us, and the business rate stoppage helped us a lot. The weather helped massively.

“We keep a screen over the bar, and let people order from their tables. We also offer visors for our staff as well.”

Some businesses enjoyed trade both during, and post lockdown.

Dalton in Furness, Wow Vape & CBD owner Steve Smith said: “During lockdown we had a delivery service and turnover increased significantly, as did our customer base overall.

“All our old customers are heading our way. We are employing a one-way system, tape on the floor and sanitiser.”

Ulverston’s Hope and Anchor pub is seeing its regulars return.

Bar manager, Kenny Thomas said: “We have been open for four weeks so far, and it’s very good to see people coming in again, especially our elderly regulars who we were quite worried about.

“Trade is not far off returning to its normal levels. You can walk in, provide a name, and contact number, we seat you to your table and take your order. We are only a small business, but our staff were eager to get back to it. Feedback has been good.”

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