10 Times The Franchise Could Have Ended

10 Times The Franchise Could Have Ended

With ten films and grossing over $5 billion worldwide, it’s safe to say the Fast & Furious franchise is one of Hollywood’s most successful film series to date. Starting back in 2001, the franchise accrued a mass fanbase when the films gained their attention through its top-billed cast and well-choreographed fight sequences.

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However, ever since the F9 trailer dropped and revealed some confusing twists, many people are contemplating whether the writers should end the film series for good. Particularly with the franchise now containing over-the-top stunts and several plotholes.

10 After The Tenth Installment

While The Fate of The Furious was full of action, it was one of the weakest in terms of plot. For one, fans were wondering how Dom and Elena could have a ten-month child when it had been at least 3 years since they were together (based on Jack’s age). They were also wondering how Hobbs could pick up a torpedo with his bare hands.

Now with F9 hinting at a new Toretto sibling, a resurrected fan-favorite, and even more over-the-top stunts, fans think they have gone too far. So maybe it will be best to end it after ‘Fast 10?’

9 Meeting Brian Marcos (The Fate of The Furious)

In The Fate of The Furious, fans were shocked to discover that Dom had betrayed his team – especially since he is always espousing the importance of family. However, the writers did show he had a valid reason to when it was revealed that his son was in danger. A son that he had with Elena.

Eventually, the team managed to prevent a nuclear war from breaking out and rescue the young Toretto from Cipher’s grasp. Not only did Dom reunite with his family but the writers made a touching tribute to Paul Walker when Dom named his son after his character, Brian. If the franchise ended here, there wouldn’t have been any complaints.

8 Brian & Roman Open A Garage (2 Fast 2 Furious)

After the first film proved a hit with the audiences, Universal Pictures greenlit a sequel, which was entitled 2 Fast 2 Furious. In this film, Brian and Roman are recruited by the police to help bring down a drug-lord. In exchange, they would retrieve full pardons and be free to live the lives they choose.

After completing their mission, Brian and Roman decided they would open a garage with the money they took from Verone. Although he may not have got his happy ending with Mia, at least now he had reconciled with his best friend.

7 After Brian Lets Dom Go (The Fast & The Furious)

Vin Diesel Paul Walker

The Fast and The Furious may have been the spark that started off the franchise’s success but it was also a great stand-alone film. Not only did it teach audiences the importance of family but it allowed them to see that the world wasn’t as black and white as people believed it to be.

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For instance, after being ordered to bring Dom in, Brian had a change of heart. Why? Because he learned that the mechanic wasn’t the sadistic and heartless guy the police made him out to be. He was honest, loyal, and very honorable – everything Brian wasn’t. As a result, he let him go.

6 Breaking Dom Goes To Prison (Fast & Furious/Fast Five)

In Fast & Furious, fans were delighted to see the Toretto family back in action after they had been absent from the series for eight years. Here, the audiences saw Dom and Brian team-up again as they tried to apprehend a drug-lord, Braga, for his illicit cartel and the murder of Letty.

At the end of the film, Dom was seen to receive 25 years for his crimes after he turned himself in. As he was being transported on the prison bus, Brian and Mia intercept it and break down out. With Dom free and Mia and Brian reunited, this would have been a conclusion to the franchise.

5 Dom & Brian’s Race (Fast Five)

Throughout the franchise’s history, there was one subplot that kept cropping up in the films: Brian and Dom’s quarter-mile race. Ever since their showdown in the first film, the writers had Dom and Brian challenge each other to race for bragging rights (as seen in 4, 5, and 6).

It would have been good if the writers had gone full circle and ended the franchise with Dom and Brian’s race from Fast Five. Although the audiences would never have learned the outcome, they would have been satisfied that the two were now brothers.

4 Dom Dies (Fast & Furious 6)

Although Brian was initially the franchise’s protagonist, they soon changed their mind and decided to focus more on Dom’s life. However, if they wanted to end the franchise on a high, the best moment would have been Fast & Furious 6.

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Since everyone knows how selfless and protective he could be, especially if his family was involved, it would have been befitting if Dom died saving them. It would have also been befitting if this was how he secured everyone’s amnesty. Instead of saying grace to the car gods, the barbecue scene could have had them saying grace to Dom.

3 Brian Reunites With His Family (Furious 7)

With Paul Walker tragically passing away in 2013, a lot of fans believed the franchise should have ended with Furious 7. In this film, audiences saw Brian take center stage again he went through an identity crisis. The whole narrative then focused on Brian trying to navigate through these struggles and finding himself again.

If the writers had decided to finish it with his character, there would have been no complaints. Walker had been the face of the franchise so his absence in future films is quite noticeable. If it ended here, it was like the franchise has come back in a full circle.

2 Everyone Gets A Happy Ending (Fast Five)

Although the ending to Fast Five wasn’t exactly the perfect ending, it was still pretty satisfying to watch everyone get their happy endings. Han and Gisele were off exploring the world, Brian and Mia were set to have a baby, and Roman and Tej were happy with their newfound wealth. Even Rico and Tego got their happy ending if fans wished it.

It was also good to see that Dom found happiness with Elena and was accepting that it was okay to move on. Add a Dom monologue to the scene and this would have been a good way to close the franchise.

1 The Torettos Go Home (Fast & Furious 6)

Although they may have lost Gisele, Fast & Furious 6 had a happy ending overall. Dom and Letty were reunited, Mia and Jack were safe, and Han was heading to Tokyo.

Most importantly, after spending years on the run, the Toretto family was finally allowed to return to their home in Los Angeles. It seemed like it would have been great if they ended it here. Since everyone’s arcs had finished, there was a strong sense of closure.

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