Microsoft, Shutterstock Deal Gives Brands Images For Ads 07/22/2020

Microsoft advertisers in the United
States and the United Kingdom now have free access to more than 320 million Shutterstock images in Microsoft Audience Ads, which supports native advertising across its network.

Haily De La
Cruz, Sr. product manager at Microsoft Advertising, believes providing access to commercially licensed images for use in Microsoft Advertising campaigns will enable brands to create and deliver top
performing ads.

This integration with Shutterstock lets advertisers browse, preview, license and create ads using commercially licensed images. This is the first application of Shutterstock’s
partnership with Microsoft Advertising. Expansion to other products and markets, including Canada and Australia, are expected in the fall.

Consumers are spending more time at home online as companies choose to allow their employees to work from
home. Many shoppers choose to buy online rather go into stores. Parents also are reading online about how to teach children from home, or searching for new recipes to make more dinners at home.



In fact, the average time spent per day with digital media continues to increase by nearly 12% this year, compared with 2019, with the average U.S. adult spending more than 7.5 hours online,
according to an eMarketer forecast.

The images can aid businesses to run ads with diverse and inclusive visuals, such as images reflecting scenes from the consumer’s everyday life,
images from specific regions, and images that connect with diverse and thoughtful people.

Microsoft advertisers can use this image library to craft different visual variations for native ads
to fit different audiences, A/B test, or localize for a specific region to increase ad performance.

Advertisers can browse available stock images by typing in a relevant search related
to the product, business, or ad campaign’s story. Advertisers can only use the creatives in ads and served from Microsoft Advertising, in its original, unaltered form.

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