GUEST BLOG: Ross Meurant – Why I’m voting for Jacinda

GUEST BLOG: Ross Meurant – Why I’m voting for Jacinda


I’m going to vote for you – not for your tax on capital gains – a killer in my view  for it is that ladder the elevated me from a working-class childhood to – a financial position from which I could provide my kids with what was a wild dream to me as a kid: private schools and Remuera residence.

Nor for wealth tax – utterly destructive in my view.  Lower tax is the way forward – but I digress.

I’m gonna vote for you, for irrespective of several slip-ups on COVID-19 security, you have done New Zealand well.

Regularly, I converse with business associates in Australia, the Middle East and Russia.  Diverse geographical zones but in each, you are a revered mantel.

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New Zealand is now longer, “the All Blacks”.   New Zealand today is, “Jacinda”.

Crusher has recaptured the conservative slide to NZ First.  But she won’t recover sufficient to put National back on the Treasury benches.

Paradoxically, the conservative slide back to National, strips any chance NZ First had of returning to the Hallowed Halls of power.

And as this link to my establishing the first MMP party testifies: without a running mate, the chances of being government are – well- zero. 

ACT aren’t gonna make it – in my view – whereas the Greens will – especially if Labour strategists read this wiki and implement a strategic approach to the election.

Putting aside National’s internal melt down, the real focus for New Zealand, in my view, is avoiding a second surge of COVID-19.

It’s happening everywhere – globally.  We would be arrogant (which is one step from stupid), to presume a second coming will not happen in New Zealand.

I was relieved to read yesterday, that your COVID team are looking to up the testing.

Go to it and KEEP NZ SAFE.

Ross Meurant, B.A. M.P.P. Currently Honorary Consul for an African state and Trustee & MD of absentee Russian owned commercial assets in NZ. Former National MP, former police inspector


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