Stephen Curry as ‘franchise-changer,’ per Steve Kerr

Stephen Curry as ‘franchise-changer,’ per Steve Kerr

There is no doubt that Stephen Curry is the greatest shooter on the planet. He single-handedly revolutionized how the game is played. But according to Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, it wasn’t necessarily his playstyle which made him a “franchise-changer.”

Kerr appeared in 95.7 The Game where he shared his thoughts on his Curry. He has done extraordinary things on the court. But from Kerr’s observation, it’s what Curry does off the court that made him the Warriors’ most prized player.

“He was a guy who you could build the whole thing around,” Kerr said, per NBC Sports. “Not just because of how well he played and the style of play, but just because of the human being and what a powerful force he was in the locker room and the community and the organization, what he stood for — all of those things.”

During their title run and even up to now, people have been raving about the great culture that has been pervading in Golden State. Analysts have noticed how close the players are both on and off the court.

Some say that this was the main reason why the Warriors were able to lure in so many great role players and even big-name free agents like Kevin Durant. Apart from the oozing talent of the Warriors’ core, Curry’s personality and leadership also created a relaxed locker room atmosphere. As Kerr pointed out, this made Curry the most important player in the franchise. This may be the key reason for the Warriors’ three titles in five years.

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