Here’s how you can make Shopify your side hustle to boost your income

Here’s how you can make Shopify your side hustle to boost your income

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Shopify is innovating

Shopify is a great choice, though. It’s trying to “redesign the future of e-commerce,” after all. It’s introduced new features such as curbside pick-up, as well same-day pick-up times for some cities in the U.S. Shopify is even trying to partner with tech giants like Facebook and Pinterest so you can sell your merchandise right on these platforms. The company is trying to make life easier for customers, too. Customers can now pay in instalments to avoid one giant lump sum through the “buy now, pay later” options.

Shopify is a great side gig

Getting started is easy. The key is building yourself a website that stands out from the rest. Shopify makes that simple. If that still sounds a little daunting, though, The Ultimate Shopify and Ecommerce Expert Bundle includes a course that can help. The “Shopify E-Commerce Websites for Beginner” course features 15 lessons all about setting up the website and even making graphics for it, too. The lessons touch on Shopify’s advanced settings and even how to work with a client if you’re setting it up for them.

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