20 Top Video Editing Apps in 2020

20 Top Video Editing Apps in 2020

Nowadays, individuals and businesses are adopting digital marketing strategies to promote their services. They are promoting their services through social media platforms. The promotional content is marketed on these platforms in the form of posts, videos and stories.

Such videos have to go through editing before publishing them online. Video editing is a process of rearrangement of video frames to create the desired outcome. While editing a video, some special effects and music are also added to make the video creative and interesting. Invitation makers, video makers, are also used along with video editing software.

Following is the list of top 20 performing video editing apps to be aware of

Power Director – It is a cross-platform mid-level video editing app compatible with both Android and iOS. This app is equipped with a multi-track editing option. You can export your videos to YouTube directly from this app. In the free version of this app, there is a watermark on all the videos which are edited here. If you get the paid version, you will also get 4K support and advert-free editing.

Inshot – If you wish to upload your videos on social media, then this app is perfect for you. Inshot runs on both iOS and Android platforms. With its great interface you can import, trim, add filters, special effects, captions, emojis, music and sound effects to your videos. There is no multi-track editor option and 4K support in this app.

Adobe Premiere Rush – This is a cross-platform app suitable to edit short videos. Adobe premiere rush runs on all operating systems. In its free version, this app allows some great features to add to your videos. The user interface is quite accessible, and you can upload your videos on YouTube and other social media platforms easily.

Hyperlapse – It is an iOS-supported app created by Instagram. This app lets you speed up your videos in fast frames. You can convert a minute’s video into a 10-second lapse video here. This app is best suited if you wish to upload your videos on Instagram and other social media apps.

Kinemaster pro – This app offers an advanced level of video editing for Android system users. It comes with a multi-track editing option. So, you can merge two or more videos and edit them here. The paid version of this app allows you to perform some advanced editing on your videos. You can also export your videos to YouTube directly from this app.

Shotcut – It is an open-source video editing app available on Mac, Windows and Linux. This app allows you to create some high-quality videos for both professional and normal use. You can use this app for free but its interface is a bit complex.

Machete video editor lite – This app is developed for Windows system only. You can download this app for free and explore some amazing video editing features. You can easily edit your videos and export them to other platforms as well.

Splice – Splice is a Mac video editing software. You can edit your videos here and add special effects with music. This app will help you to create a beautiful video collage seamlessly.

Lightworks – It is a free video editing app supported by Mac, Linux and Windows systems. This app is equipped with high-end editing features along with special effects. The pro version of this app is a paid one and offers more advanced features.

Videoshow – Now this is another popular video editing app for Android and iOS devices. This app lets you add text overlay, filters, music, stickers, and special effects to your videos.

Hitfilm – Hitfilm is an advanced editing app supported by both Windows and Mac operating systems. The paid version of this app has some advanced features, including adding visual effects, 3D rendering and adding high resolution.

Quik – Created by GoPro, this app is available on Windows, iOS and Android devices. GoPro camera users especially can use this app for video editing. This app is equipped with 20 preset themes and other distinct video editing features.

VSDC Free video editor – This app is designed for Windows operating system devices. This free app gives you a lot of professional video editing features. Some of them include– colour correction, volume correction, sound normalization and object transformation.

Blender – This open-source app is available on Windows, Linux and Mac devices. For some high-quality professional videos, you can rely on this app. It has all advanced 3D editing options.

We Video – We video is a free cloud-based video editing app available on Android and iOS devices. It has all advanced video editing features. However, with the paid version you can export your videos in 4K resolution.

Viva video – This free video editing app works on both Android and iOS devices. Video creators can make the best use of this app. It includes features such as slideshow maker, simple collage maker and creative camera lenses.

InVideo – InVideo is a basic video editing app supported on Windows, Linux and Mac operating system devices. This movie maker app supports multiple video formats and offers various filters with special effects. You can also add subtitles to your videos.

Pic Play Post – You can make some great video collages with Pic Play Post video editing app. This app is free to download and works on both iOS and Android systems. This app is great for uploading video collages on social media platforms.

Filmora Go – This Android device-supported app is available for free. With the accessible interface, you can edit some great videos here. This app does not support the multi-track editing option. You can export your videos directly from YouTube from this app.

Lumafusion – This iOS-supported video editing app is for professional video editing. This paid app has pro-level features including 4K UHD 25fps export, colour correction, keyframing, insert/overwrite capability, audio mixing and much more.


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