Instagram for Business: Marketing Leader Releases Go-To Guide for Those Looking to Cash in on Instagram’s 1 Billion Users

Instagram for Business: Marketing Leader Releases Go-To Guide for Those Looking to Cash in on Instagram’s 1 Billion Users

United Kingdom – Having founded the world’s highest-rated dental marketing agency, Shaz Memon is something of an epic when it comes to digital marketing. In January of 2020, he took his expertise global with the release of ‘Instagram for Dentists’, a comprehensive guide for dental practices looking to crush their profits with the world’s fastest-growing social network.

He is now expanding that opportunity to businesses in all industries, with the release of ‘Instagram for Business’. It’s beautiful, bold and comes in hard cover – proof Memon does nothing in half measures.


Instagram for Business is your go-to guide to help start, grow and build your brand through on Instagram. If you have little experience, or are a novice user – this book is for you.

For any business owner, personal brand, social media manager and business manager.

250 easy-reference bite-size content beautifully designed hard-back book.

Shaz Memon walks you through:

1) Using Instagram for the first time
2) What account type you should have
3) Who should you follow?
4) How to gain genuine followers
5) The Power of 9 (Shaz’s success formula)
6) Define your ideal customer
7) Tell people what they don’t know
8) Post inspiration
9) Identifying your voice
10) How to be interesting for max engagement
11) What makes a good post?
12) What times should you post?
13) Cool Instagram Layouts
14) Inspiring with Imagery
15) Taking great photos
16) Understanding filters
17) Hashtags tips and tricks
18) Boosting engagement
19) Automating responses
20) Building your brand
21) Using an influencer + partnerships
22) Using the influence of customers
23) Filming like a pro
24) Mastering Instagram stories
25) Recommended apps

and MUCH MUCH more! 250 pages packed with tried and tested, easy to follow guidance to boost your brand. Grow your brand with confidence, this is the must-have Instagram Bible for any business.

Bonus Mental Health Chapter.

10% of profits go to the authors Charity Wells on Wheels. Reg. Charity No. 1187217.

“The bottom line is that every business’s customers are on Instagram but, if you want to reach them, you have to do more than posting photos or stories,” explains the author. “With our clients in the dental industry we’ve developed a proven, almost paint-by-numbers model anyone can replicate. Believe me, when you learn how to use Instagram properly, growth will shock you.”

Continuing, “We wanted to go beyond a typical book, so we produced the volume in hardcover, with thick paper and plenty of full-color photographs and diagrams. It’s a bible of sorts; something to cherish that will become a huge contributor to your business…and your…success.”

Reviews have been glowing. George E. writes, “It’s one of those books you just can’t put down. I’ve been using Instagram for a while and even I learnt a few new tricks. Highly recommended for anyone using social media to help market and promote their business.”

‘Instagram for Business’ is available now:

Purchase ‘Instagram for Dentists’, here:

About the Author:

Shaz Memon is the founder of Digimax Dental in London. The world’s highest rated dental marketing agency.

An astute business leader, designer and award-winning digital and dental marketing expert, Shaz has been featured in The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph, Huffington Post, MSN, Forbes and most leading dental industry publications.

Shaz is also founder of the charity Wells on Wheels.

I'm business helper , i have 20 year experience in business management sector. I help many business owners to grow business. My passion is helping fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners succeed.

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