Product Launch Formula Download Now Includes $4,294 in Bonuses

Product Launch Formula Download Now Includes $4,294 in Bonuses

One of the bonuses includes a $15 million dollar blueprint that was used by the owners of Marketer’s Black Book to launch and market a single website.

Product Launch Formula download from Marketer’s Black Book now includes over $4,294 in free bonuses. The Jeff Walker created course will be released on September 18, 2012 and ready for download through the Marketer’s Black Book website. The bonus offers that are included are unique and not shared elsewhere on the Internet like free PLR or MRR products commonly given away by other marketing companies. The team at Marketer’s Black Book is pairing these bonuses along with the great content delivered in the Product Launch Formula online. More information can be found by visiting this bonus link

The phrase “How to launch a business online” is one of the most searched for according to Google. There are millions of products and businesses that are launched online each year although few are reported successful. Jeff Walker is considered by many in the marketing industry to be a great teacher and a man that knows how to launch million-dollar products. Jeff is personally responsible for launching over 13 multimillion-dollar product launches in the past few years.

The traditional way of launching products online is through building a list. A marketer or business owner would build a mailing list of email addresses and send out a sales letter to help entice sales. According to Jeff’s system, this method is outdated and many people fail because of using the old way to market. Consumers are smarter in 2012 according to Jeff and it takes extra marketing to get the attention of those consumers ready to make a purchase.

Marketer’s Black Book recently reviewed the Product Launch Formula training videos and PDF downloads to help marketers and business owners that might be deciding to purchase the course. The course is so informative that bonuses are now attached to the course in an effort to help anyone launching a product or service online to keep up the momentum that can be lost a few days after the launch is over.

One of the bonuses includes a $15 million dollar blueprint that was used by the owners of Marketer’s Black Book to launch and market a single website.

“I invested $1,500 dollars and turned it into $15 million, but anyone can do what I did with a budget that they can afford,” said Brian Hanson, co-owner of Marketer’s Black Book. “The changes to Google’s search algorithms are making it more difficult for companies and marketers to launch products. Our bonus offers are designed to help anyone break through the road blocks online to reach success,” added Hanson.

Internet marketers, business owners and entrepreneurs that would like to learn how to launch a million dollar product could benefit from downloading the Product Launch Formula plus $4,294 in free bonuses after purchase form the Marketer’s Black Book website.

About Marketer’s Black Book

The Marketer’s Black Book website was started in 2010 as a side project for friends that happened to be successful business owners. What started out, as a side project, is now one of the most popular resources online for Internet marketing and business information. As public speakers, the Marketer’s Black Book team spends time traveling to business seminars and conferences teaching proven marketing strategies online. The new pairing of over $4,294 in free bonuses with the Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula course has caused uproar in the online community although no plans are in place to remove the bonuses currently up for free download.

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