Coronavirus Australia live news: Prime Minister Scott Morrison warns against social-distancing ‘lapses’

Coronavirus Australia live news: Prime Minister Scott Morrison warns against social-distancing ‘lapses’

Mr Morrison was asked about claims the Victorian Government chose to use security guards “in order to cosy up to unions”. 

Mr Morrison was pretty keen on avoiding getting into that but he had this to say:

“Well, as my practice in relation to what’s been happening in Victoria is the same that I’ve applied in other states when they’ve had troubles.

“I have haven’t seen myself as a commentator on those state governments. I’ve seen myself simply seeking to help them deal with the problems that they’ve had.


“And there have been challenges in other states before Victoria. Admittedly not as significant as this.


“But I’d never found it terribly helpful to get into a commentary on those state governments.


“It was much better, I think, for me and my Government just to provide them every support we can.


“Now, I can understand that many, many people in Victoria will be feeling very frustrated at the moment, and many are very angry. And I’m aware of where they’re directing that frustration and anger.


“But it won’t help the situation if I were to engage in any of that.


“I have a good working relationship with the Victorian Government and it’s our job just to work together to solve this and to get on top of it. And we’ll continue to apply our resources to that end.


“Now, as is a matter of public record, the Commonwealth has made available the offer, consistently, about ADF support in Victoria to assist with any of the tasks, which included quarantine, if that was what they wished.


“But ultimately state governments have gotta make decisions about how they want to use those resources and deploy those resources.


“And, of course, they’re accountable for the decisions that they make, and who they contract to do the job is a matter for them.


“And they’ve gotta explain those decisions in their jurisdiction, like I have to explain the decisions I make in ours.”

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