Post offering cash, credits for solar panel installation is fake

Post offering cash, credits for solar panel installation is fake

The post appears to be sponsored by Texas Clean Energy Systems and targets CenterPoint Energy customers.

HOUSTON — There are a lot of deals popping up on social media promising consumers a check and big savings if they flip the switch and go solar. 

One offer looked so convincing, someone sent it to the Verify team.

The Facebook post, which appears to be sponsored by Texas Clean Energy Systems, says in part, “Centerpoint customers are now getting solar panels for no cost! If you meet 3 requirements… a $500 check and up to $8,847 in tax credits.”

Eric asked the Verify team, “Is this true?”

We have two sources for this. Texas Clean Energy Systems and Centerpoint Energy.

First, we reached out to the company who made the alleged post, Texas Clean Energy Systems. The company wrote the Verify team, “We are not a solar installer, but a marketing company. This is not a post of ours.”

A spokesperson for Centerpoint Energy told the Verify team, “I can confirm that we do not partner with this company.”

The post is no longer available on Facebook.  

So we can Verify this offer is fake.

While Texas does not have a statewide solar tax credit or solar rebate program, some utility companies do offer incentives to homeowners who go solar. 

Centerpoint said they are not one of them. 

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