One Firm’s Roster Of The Most Compelling Campaigns 07/08/2020

One Firm’s Roster Of The Most Compelling Campaigns 07/08/2020

Research shows that most consumers are influenced by email design when making their buying decisions. Design resource has some ideas on who is doing it well.

Argue if you
will. But here are the winners when it comes to email design, as opposed to copywriting, according to this study.

Promo email campaign

  1. Apple AirPod Pro
  2. Great
    Jones’ Salt & Pepper 

Upselling campaign

  1. Dollar Shave Club 
  2. WeTransfer
  3. Grammarly

Cart abandonment

  1. BluDot
  2. Moschino
  3. ASICS

Product Update

  1. BluDot’s Stack’em Up 
  2. Bose
  3. Dosh

Newsletter campaigns

  1. Great Western Railway 
  2. Suitcase
  3. Litmus

Here is an even more contentious global listing
— of the top email marketing companies (according to Best Design). The list is surely incomplete, and Email Marketing Daily does vouch for these findings:

  1. Agencia
    INNN — Expertise: Content marketing & copywriting, inbound marketing, digital marketing.
  2. Brand You Development & Coaching Limited — Digital marketing, branding, creative
  3. Brenton Way — Content Marketing & copywriting, inbound marketing, digital marketing.
  4. EASTWEST Public Relations Pte Ltd. — Integrated marketing, content
    marketing & copywriting, graphic & print design.
  5. Empower Marketing Ltd — Content marketing & copywriting, graphic & print design, digital marketing.
  6. JRB Team
    — Email & marketing automation, inbound Marketing, digital marketing.
  7. Margaux Agency — margauxagency.comExpertise: Email & Marketing Automation, Content Marketing
    & Copywriting, Graphic & Print Design and more 
  8. Markitects Inc. — Content marketing & copywriting, email & marketing automation, branding.
  9. Moloko
    Creative Agency — Content marketing & copywriting, video marketing, creative services.
  10. PH3 Agency + Brewery — Email & marketing automation, integrated marketing, content
    marketing & copywriting.
  11. Stevens & Tate Marketing — Marketing strategy, branding, creative services.
  12. Toast Studio — Content Marketing & Copywriting, Email
    & Marketing Automation, Social Media Marketing and more 
  13. Ultimate SEO LLC — Digital marketing, content marketing & copywriting, creative services.



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