New Jersey Resident Joins 90 Women Across the Country as a United State of Women Ambassador

New Jersey Resident Joins 90 Women Across the Country as a United State of Women Ambassador


New Jersey Resident Joins 90 Women Across the Country as a United State of Women Ambassador

New Jersey resident, Eiko La Boria, has joined The United State of Women Ambassador program, along with 90 other women ages 17-74 years old from 44 states across the country. As an Ambassador, she will bring stakeholders together in New Jersey to create a statewide network working toward gender equity.

The United State of Women Ambassador program was launched in 2018 as an opportunity to work one-on-one with women across the country with the goal of building a community of women to lead in the fight for women’s equality. The program functions as a premier opportunity for advocacy and social change for female leaders, no matter their background or previous experience.

“We are incredibly proud to be able to bring together this skilled group of women passionate about improving gender equity in their communities,” said Jordan Brooks, Executive Director of The United State of Women. “They range from community organizers to entrepreneurs to academics, each with unique backgrounds and important stories to tell. By coming together in community, these Ambassadors will build a powerful network of organizations and individuals on the ground working to create change towards a more equitable country for women and girls.”

The full list of 90 United State of Women Ambassadors is here: Past Ambassadors have driven changes in their community, including updating their city charter with gender neutral language, advocating for the Crown Act to end discrimination against natural hair, bringing together a county commission to address the needs of women and girls and leading the charge for Juneteenth celebrations in their communities.

Ambassadors work with United State of Women staff to bring those in their community interested in achieving a more united movement for women’s equality through the following actions:

Convene: Grow a network of local supporters interested in taking action, focusing on outreach to individuals who haven’t previously done so or are looking to get more involved;

Connect: Bring stakeholders, such as government officials, business leaders, local nonprofits, activists, and community members, working on gender equity across issue areas together to share promising practices, coordinate efforts, and collaborate regularly.

Amplify: Identify individuals doing innovative and critical work in the community whose work should be uplifted.

ABOUT Eiko La Boria:

Eiko La Boria is a social commentator, writer and poet. She is a former Dramatic Writing Fellow, Writers Guild of America East Foundation/Columbia University. Eiko has traveled extensively and has written of her experiences particularly with the subject of sexual harassment, assaults, and systemic silence in the Los Angeles Film Industry. That led her to writing a novella entitled “The Fame Shame Game: The Debut”. This preceded the now known Me Too and Times Up movements of today. Presently, Eiko is the Founder and Executive Director of the The Flow Initiative created after she discovered that period poverty isn’t solely a problem in developing countries. She believes ending period shame must work hand in hand with menstrual equity in all restrooms and with continuing education on this subject in our classrooms. She looks forward to bringing greater gender equity to the Garden State and working with such heavyweights as Tina Tchen, Valerie Jarrett and Jordan Brooks, all who worked in the Obama White House.

Learn more about The Flow Initiative at

ABOUT The United State of Women:

The United State of Women is a national organization dedicated to convening, connecting, and amplifying voices in the fight for full gender equity. The organization is a community for all who identify as women, gender nonconforming, or allies, believe in full gender equity, and want to work collectively to achieve it.

Born out of the Obama Administration’s White House Council on Women and Girls, USOW holds a unique position within the movement; sitting at an uncommon intersection of politics, community engagement, culture change, and leadership development.

Through biennial summits, regional Galvanize events, their Ambassador program, and online engagement, we strive to build and strengthen coalitions at all levels, connecting partners and new audiences to each other in order to enact meaningful change and create a more united #StateOfWomen.

United State of Women Media Contact:

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