Imperium Group Shares Top Entreprenuers Give Advice To Business Owners In the Post-COVID Times

Imperium Group Shares Top Entreprenuers Give Advice To Business Owners In the Post-COVID Times

Los Angeles, CA, July 08, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The impacts of COVID-19 are still affecting business owners — and they show no sign of letting up. As every entrepreneur has endured a different experience over the past several months, there is power in the community and sharing our experiences. Because the best advice is rooted in what we have lived, Imperium Group believes offering one another our top business tips for this time can make all of our businesses stronger. 

An online forum hosted by WebMetrix group featured the top ten of today’s entrepreneurs and their advice to both each other and to all other business owners. 

1. Immy Tariq, CEO of WebMetrix Group LLC. Immy Tariq is an expert in credibility and a omni-present multi-channel digital marketer, who helps his clients leverage credibility, especially now. “There has never been a better time to go for both visibility and exposure, to prove your expertise in your field and your role as an industry leader” commented Tariq. “Trust is today’s most important currency, and trust is most readily achieved through omni-presence.” 

2. Aimee Tariq, CEO Of A Life With Health. Tariq is a health expert and a WSJ best selling author. Having battled with her own health for over ten years and experiencing numerous near death experiences, she is now helping people pay closer attention to their health and achieve their health goals. Her new book is about the oral microbiome (referred to as the ‘second gut’), called Panic! Germs and the Truth Inside of the American Mouth. “Health is in hyperfocus right now, and it’s an ideal time to stop and assess how you can optimize your health further,” said Tariq. “This way, you can not only boost your immune system now, but build the foundation on which you can live your healthiest life moving forward.”

3. Matt Young, founder of Realply. Young founded a LinkedIn direct messaging service to help businesses connect with prospects, and has found through his experience just how well these direct messages can work for sales. “Keep the focus of all conversations on your willingness to help, and scale these conversations to keep your lead funnel full,” advised Young. “There’s never been a better time to forge connections by building relationships online.” 

4. Stephane & Shalee Schafeitel, Co-founders of Success Training Co. and Co-authors of the book, Master Your Mindpower: A User Manual For Your Mind & The Ultimate Guide To Mental Toughness. The Schafaitels help executives and entrepreneurs resolve emotional and mental barriers through impactful coaching sessions that maximize clients’ clarity, mental toughness and success. “Especially in a time of crisis, it is those who have mental toughness and emotional resilience that are more likely to succeed,” the Schafeitels emphasized. “In our book, we developed The BLAH Method to assist anyone get through moments of stress. The BLAH steps are: 1) Breathe, 2) Look Up, 3) Access a State of Gratitude and 4) Handle it.”

5. David Schloss, author of The New MBA. Schloss helps aspiring founders understand the ins and outs of business in his new book — a must-read if the post-COVID times are prompting contemplations of a new business model. “Of all the messages I share in my book, I think it’s most important that entrepreneurs recognize the importance of a  market-to-message match,” commented Schloss. “Go for organic traffic first to validate this match, and THEN invest in paid traffic.” 

6. Lauren Tickner, founder of Impact School MBA. Through Impact School, Tickner advises her students on how to sell through permission-based relationship marketing through direct messaging. This method of marketing offers a product or service conversationally, sans the assertiveness most dread in a sales conversation. “I’m a firm believer in simplifying and systemizing, and one of the best ways to do this is through permission-based relationship marketing. See how you can help, and do it at scale by setting a target goal of number of conversations per day.”

7. Rohan Sheth, Founder of Grow Rev Marketing. “Diversify, diversify, diversify – having only one marketing channel can be seriously detrimental to your long term success,” said Sheth. “Use this time to double down on multiple marketing channels, and pay attention to which deliver the highest ROI.”

8. Maggie Berghoff, Founder and CEO of high performance health agency, Celproceo. Berghoff helps entrepreneurs biohack their bodies for the ultimate productivity and health, and sees mental health and wellbeing as deeply interwoven. “Psychological health is a major component of health. So, if you’re stressed, make that your first priority,”  Berghoff encouraged. “We are seeing an unprecedented time of global chaos, but there are ways we can take care of ourselves and prove that we are resilient and strong. Focus on your mental well-being.”

9. Thomas Graham CEO of Crosswind PR. “In my many years in the PR crisis business, we see time and time again that the ideal way to navigate crises is to be empathetic and transparent with your audience and customers,” said Graham. “Keep the focus on wanting to help others.”

10. David Pascht, digital marketing expert. Pascht cares deeply about helping founders run teams, and to continue efficiency even in remote work environments . “It’s important to view your team as equals, while also recognizing that you are the leader. Let them know that you have an open door policy for all of their creative ideas and innovative approaches to the problems your business is facing. Team members need to feel this encouragement.” 

11. Haley Hoffman Smith, author of Her Big Idea and motivational speaker. Hoffman Smith is an author and motivational speaker who helps others tap into the inspiration to pursue their big ideas and big dreams.  She is also the founder of The Her Big Idea Fund, in partnership with Brown’s Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship, which supports two female-identifying founders with $500 grants and a year of mentorship. “For me, it’s about eliminating the barriers that others face when bringing their big ideas to life. There are economic inequalities and confidence crises that make it challenging to follow a gut feeling, but ideas deserve to be pursued,”  she reflected. 

12.  Jeremy Miner, founder of 7th Level HQ. Miner helps sales teams witness spikes in their sales through behavioral-science based sales techniques that guide prospective customers into persuading themselves to buy. His work is oriented in the truth that if your product or service really can help someone or solve their problem, helping them persuade themselves to buy the solution should be straightforward.

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